Talented young people of the “Bottega”

Talented young people of the “Bottega”

The “Bottega d'Europa” (Workshop of Europe) is a workshop where we learn English through theatre. It was founded and is directed by Sr Caterina Cangià. The young people and children who attend the bottega prepare a show in a foreign language every year and thus they learn English while enjoying themselves. Last year some of them had the opportunity to take part in the making of the new film on Maria Domenica Mazzarello, premiered in Rome on May 4.

For two very hot weeks these young talents dressed in the clothes of the children who formed part of the life of the Saint. «It was a beautiful experience» Andrea, Gabriele, Alice , Martina, Michela, Giulia, Silvia, Federica and Martina responded in chorus, together with Sofia , the girl who acted the role of Maria as a child in the film.

For some of them the making of this film was also a formative time. Silvia, aged 12, has decided that when she grows up she will be a director and Michela, who is the same age, a photographer.

For others it was an unexpected experience. Gabriele, who takes the part of one of Maria Domenica's brothers in the film, was pleasantly surprised. «I expected something less organised, something simpler and instead certain scenes of the film had to be taken 5 or 6 times like those films that come out in the cinema. I expected less, and it was lovely that it was that way». For Alice and Martina, the nine year old girls who act the part of Maria's “figliette” (“little daughters”), it was hard work. «It was very hot, they say in a leisurely tone but smiling – and we got very tired. When we grow up we don't want to be actresses».

For Michela, Giulia and Silvia who are attending second year in the junior high school, the most beautiful moment was when they filmed the scene of the dance. «We danced the tarantella ( a traditional Piedmontese dance, Ed. ). We were a big group and it was fabulous».

Sofia, who acts the very young Maria, tells us that she would never have expected to do such an important role and states: «I thought I was the simplest child in the world and here I am doing a film. It was incredible! Even though we had to repeat some scenes many times, and it was tiring, it really was fantastic».

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10/05/2012 - Collegio Universitario di Pisa

Ammiriamo con soddisfazione e gioia... attendiamo di poter realizzare il nostro sogno nella "CASA DELLA ELICITA`"

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