Young People and Professional Schools: “There is something more”

Young People and Professional Schools: “There is something more” On June first, in Rome , an event took place entitled “There is something more”, in which the students of professional schools from all over Italy took part. The objective of these two days, organised by Confap, the National Confederation for Professional Formation and Updating, and supported by Roma Capitale , was to highlight the activities of professional formation, 80% of which is Catholic, for the work of young people. The event was preceded by a panel discussion under the title: “Professional formation of young people, an opportunity for work, integration and growth for the citizens of tomorrow”. Among those represented were the competent ministers, the Mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno and the General Secretary of CISL , Giorgio Santini. This is not just an Italian theme but involves young people all over the world and converges with the G20 in Mexico , in which the theme of world youth unemployment will be dealt with.

Mother Yvonne, who could not be personally present at the event, gave her support to the event saying: «It is a very relevant and suitable quality choice in view of our Salesian educational-professional mission».

The young people had an opportunity to demonstrate their professional skills thanks to the preparation of 56 stands. Ciofs-fp set up 11 stands: one for the National centre; two stands from Ciofs-fp Lazio, the restoration worker and the graphic worker: multimedia; four stands from Ciofs-fp Sicily , artistic crafts worker, restoration worker. There was one stand from Ciofs-fp Emilia Romagna, the sales services worker; one stand from Ciofs-fp Friuli Venezia Giulia, the worker in promotional and welcoming services – tourism services; one stand from Ciofs-fp Piemonte and one from Ciofs-fp Puglia , the worker in artistic crafts.

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