Website results of the survey

Website results of the survey Some months ago, the Social Communications Sector of the Generalate decided to under take a survey to ask the Sisters from all over the world for suggestions to make the website more useful. The website was created in 2005 and during the past 6 months some updating has been done. For further changes, however, the Sector decided to turn to those who follow the site daily. The questionnaire that was sent to the provinces between December 2011 and January 2012 was responded to by 607 Sisters from 61 different countries. Of these, the greatest participation came from Italy , Colombia , Brazil , Spain , Chile and Unites States .

The questions of the survey were divided into three broad categories: content, look and usability. Many of the responses offered useful suggestions, others were thanks and complements for the work done so far and others were fantastic suggestions.

Thanks to this survey it has been shown that the most frequently visited sections are the news, both those in the close-up section and in the infonoline. The Data Bank follows in the list of preferences, since it is much used by Sisters all over the world for research purposes. In third place we find the Youth Space section and in fourth multimedia, that is, the video and audio section of the site.

Almost all those who responded to the survey said they were very happy with the site. On a scale of one to ten, the average evaluation of the content was 8.3 while that of the look was 7.9. But why do people visit the site? The majority responded to this question saying that they visited to keep up to date on the initiatives and news regarding the Institute. Many others responded that the are interested in the resources that the site offers and others again that they visited it out of a sense of belonging to the Salesian Family.

While very happy with the site and its content, many wrote to tell us that they would like to see some improvements, especially regarding the look and consequently the ease of navigation within the site. For many Sisters it is necessary to strengthen the youth section and the universality of news, and finally, some asked for the addition of a vocational section.

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12/06/2012 - Ir. Ercilde Moratelli, BPA

Muito obrigada pelo resultado sobre a pesquisa do site com o interesse de manter vivo e portanto atualizado este importante espaço de intercomunicação em nível de Instituto. Agradecimentos e cumprimentos pelo trabalho desenvolvido pela Equipe. Abraços e preces.

12/06/2012 - Sor Merced Ruiz

Gracias por darnos a conocer los resultados de la encuesta, y sobre todo por el interés en mantener el sitio actualizado y atractivo para visitarlo y enterarnos de tantas cosas bellas que suceden en nustro Instituto. Dios las bendiga.

08/06/2012 - sr Agnès BEB

Merci d`avoir écrit les résultats de l`enquête menée par rapport au site. Quand on y participe, on aime bien d`avoir les résultats. Cela nous encourage à répondre encore si on le demande pour un autre sujet. C`est bien aussi de connaître ainsi les idées des autres. Grand merci donc ! Sr Agnès

08/06/2012 - Teresa Kamsuan

Dear Sisters of the S.Communication Sector, congratulations for the well summarized report on the results of the survey Website. Thank You and all the best in this venture.

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