Past Pupil Confederation Consultation

Past Pupil Confederation Consultation

Roma (Italy).  The central seat of the Past Pupils writes, “The Past Pupil Confederation Consultation was held on June 23.  Representing the FMA Institute was Mother Yvonne Reungoat, the Councillor for the Salesian Family (FS), Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda, the World Delegate, Sr. Maritza Ortiz, and for the Confederation, the New Federation President, Paola Staiano, the Vice President, Paola Mancini, the Treasurer, Maria Maghini, the Secretary, Rosetta Giordano, and the Counillors, Mariella La Mura, Maria Rita di Curzio, Daisy Mtnous (on line), Rosa Restrepo (on line), Sandra Carbonari (on line), Marianela Alcayaga (on line) and Sara Galve (on line).

The Consultation began with a Marian celebration during which we asked Mary to be the Mother and Guide of our journey.  At the prayer’s conclusion, Mother Yvonne gave all those present a picture of Mary, Mother of God.  Written on it were the names of the members of the Consultation along with a life commitment using the Biblical phrase, “I am the vine, you are the branches.  Whoever remains in me and I in him, will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing.” (John 2: 1-5)

The Confederation President, Paola Staiano presided over the encounter.  She thanked Mother, Sr. Maria Luisa, and Sr. Maritza saying, “I thank you from the depths of my heart for your presence, for your support, and for the accompaniment you have for us on every occasion of the life of our association.  You do this with great generosity and availability, concretely offered.  At this moment, the Confederation Council and I have felt more than ever the need to feel you close because of the choices we have undertaken and to be able to share with you the program of the journey to re-launch our Association.”

The President proceeded with the presentation of the journey made by the Association and an update on the management of the house ‘Mother Luisa Vaschetti’ of Castelnuovo Nigra.  She continued with, “The Association…must aim at projects that show our concrete presence in the areas where we live, beginning with our personal witness in the family, in the workplace, in the federations.  We must share with the other Federation members the same educative project inspired by Maria Mazzarello’s ‘take care of them’, live daily life with simplicity and joy, fill every small gesture with the experience of God, insert ourselves in the area through witnessing and promoting the culture of life and solidarity.

Mother then presented her message, from which we give an extract.  “I give my felt gratitude to Carolina Fiorica, who fulfilled the mission of President during the nine years of her mandate.  I thank Paola Staiano, who accepted to assume the Presidency, to Paola Mancini and each of you for your presence.  Together, we wish to follow a road of trust and love, entrusting ourselves to the Lord who never leaves us alone.  the life of the Past Pupils World Confederation is particularly important for the whole Institute, for the Salesian Family in the Church and in society. 

As a lay Association, the Past Pupils live the Salesian values while immersed in society.  They practice the Preventive System and are open to inter-cultural, ecumenical, and inter-religious dialogue.  They are the yeast that leavens all the dough in silence, far from noise and the resonances of the mass media.  The animation entrusted to the Confederation Council sustains this vitality by being attentive to the calls of reality with its challenges and its new appeals.  They discern the responses and encourage the journey of the associates in the entire world.  I pray that the Holy Spirit, with His powerful breath, may always be the source of the dynamism of the Confederation and of its ‘motor’, the Confederation Council.  The moment we are living stimulates us to a re-reading of the history of the Association, which is a history guided by God, with its lights and its shadows.”

Before concluding, Mother Yvonne had the opportunity of speaking with the Councillors of America and Europe using Skype.  She encouraged them to animate the Confederation and to continue the mission that the Past Pupils of the Assembly of 2009 had entrusted to them.  The Consultation ended with Vespers in the small oratory of the See and with a fraternal ‘agape’, Salesian style.

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