“Haiti Two Years Later”: FMA Efforts for Human Rights

“Haiti Two Years Later”: FMA Efforts for Human Rights

Geneva(Switzerland). The sad events that disturb our times in various parts of the world run the risk of leaving no trace in the mind and heart of the people because of the rapidity with which they follow each other. Only those who have borne the consequences of what happened keep the memory and the wounds...

The FMA Office of Human Rights, together with VIDES International, wanted to make known at the United Nations level in the 20th session of the Council for Human Rights in Geneva, what the Institute is doing to restore hope to the children and young people of Haiti. Continuing with what was done in June, 2010 (Right to educative continuity for the children in emergency situations: case Haiti), they wanted to propose, in accord with Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda, Councillor for the Salesian Family Sector, and with the Haitian Provincial, a project to show that ‘only by investing in education will true development be possible.’

In order to realize the project, they followed a procedure that the Office has by now found valid after four years at Geneva. They presented a ‘good practice’ of the Institute at the United Nations in regard to those situations that need respect for human rights, making the people of the place speak.

On July 4 was the presentation of the slide show to portray the content and method of the Institute’s intervention in Haiti. We had the joy of the presence of the Salesian, Sr. Dieudonne Jean-Louis (IIMA) and the young girl, Beltsie Abelard (VIDES). During the panel they were able to demonstrate how various government departments were involved in bringing about the growth of hope for a better future in Haiti. These were: Representatives of the Embassies of Haiti and Uruguay, the High Commission of Human Rights (Maria Clara Martin, responsible for the American Section), Special Procedures (Michel Forst, Independent Expert on situations of Human Rights in Haiti and Kishore Singh), and representatives of the Civil Society (IIMA, VIDES, French Caritas, Platform of the Right to Education).

The intervention of Sr. Dieudonne drew the attention of the assembly because of the passion of her presentation and its content: the right to education of the child seen in its multiple aspects of right to health, to identity, to culture, to school, to a quality education, to family. A representative of Amnesty present in the room commented, “Finally we are shown an example that the right to education not only comports school but all these aspects as well.”
There were about 80 people present in the room, among whom were representatives of the governments of the Dominican Republic, Venequela, Mexico, Canada, El Salvador, Uruguay, and Haiti.

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16/07/2012 - Sr Yvonne

Merci sr Dieudonne pour ton élan missionnaire. Nous remercions le Seigneur pour tout ce qu`Il a fait pour le peuple Haïtien à travers les FMA et nous Lui confions l`avenir de la jeune génération.

14/07/2012 - Sr Viky Ulate

Bravo sr Dieudonne! Nous sommes contentes que tu as si bien su communique ta passion éducative! Dieu te bénisse et continue à bénir les Soeurs et les enfants d`Haiti!

14/07/2012 - sr.agatha

i am happy to read this article bec. I really want to know the situation of Haiti after the tragedy. How FMA get involved in building up the society again. if you can show some pictures on FMA work and the rebuilding of the city, the people of the world will be happy to say "Alleluia".

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