Genera Council and Auxilium Academic Council

Genera Council and Auxilium Academic Council

Rome (Italy). “Today the world needs persons rich in courage, initiative, and creativity in order to draw them to values. ‘Building Hope’ is the aim of the projects we are pondering and researching, with the work and availability it requires.” Mother Yvonne Reungoat spoke these words of great breadth at the opening and the conclusion of the afternoon encounter between the General Council and the Academic Council of the Pontifical Faculty of the Sciences of Education ‘Auxilium’ held at the General House on Friday, July 6.
Present were all the General Councillors and the Professors comprising the Academic Council of the Faculty, together with the Animator, Sr. Clemencia Rojas and the Principal, Sr. Pina Del Core.

The Vicar General and Delegate for the houses dependent on Mother, Sr. Emilia Musatti, was the moderator for the encounter and also animated the debate the day, which included various points. One of the first aspects was the panorama offered by the Principal of the Faculty regarding the actual situation of Auxilium and the outlooks for involvement for the new academic year 2012/2013. Sharing followed on the revision of the Statutes: needs, problems, challenges for the structure of the Course of Studies and the Faculty Organization. Sr. Piera Ruffinatto, Professor at ‘Mother Ersilia Canta’ shared the revision of the Ratio for the two-year Spirituality Course and the new Course of Study. Ample time was dedicated to the last updates for the Masters Degree in ‘Human and Educational Rights’ presented by Sr. Enrica Ottone.
At the end, the journey for the preparation for the Marian Convention was shared. It will take place in Rome, Pisana Street, from September 23to 28, 2013. Various content and organizational aspects are already foreseen. Sr. Marcella Farina, who is the coordinator, explained the situation of this great event that is a year away.
Every encounter with the Academic Council is for Mother and her Council, an opportunity for a deeper study of the mission that the Church and the institute have entrusted to this Institution. We desire it to be ever more grounded in fidelity to the ‘original inspiration and to the guidelines of the Magisterium of the Church’ so that it may continue its commitment to ‘recognize the calls for formation coming from the diverse cultures, to give adequate and wise responses.’


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14/07/2012 - Sr. PALOMA BRAVO

Doy gracias a Dios por la presencia del Espíritu en estos eventos como medios para bien de la Facultad. Este curso he vivido una gran experiencia formativa y ha sido una ocasión de renovación interior. Gracias a las que día a día haceis posible tanto bien desde esta Facultad. Unidas en la oración.

12/07/2012 - Sor Nancy Venegas

Con mucho cariño les hago llegar mi gratitud por todo el bien que desde allí se realiza, yo como exalumna del "Auxilium" siempre doy gracias Dios y a la Virgen por los años vividos y por todo lo que allí aprendí y que hoy es un tesoro invaluable en mi vida como mujer, como salesiana y como catequista. Siempre les ofrezco mi oración para que el Señor las sostenga en la misión como discipulas misioneras de la Palabra

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