The Church in Mongolia Celebrates Twenty Years

The Church in Mongolia Celebrates Twenty Years

Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). On July 7, the FMA, SDB, and Salesian Cooperators of Mongolia had the joy of an encounter with Msgr. Savio Hon Tai-Fai, Secretary for the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. He was sent by the Vatican for the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Catholic Church’s presence in Mongolia.
The eight Sisters of the community present in that land write to us. “At Don Bosco’s House of Ulaanbaatar, we shared a fraternal meal with Msgr. Savio Hon, Msgr. Osvaldo Padilla, Apostolic Nuncio of Korea and Mongolia, and the Bishop of Mongolia, Msgr. Wenceslao Padilla. Our joy was multiplied because it was also the 10th anniversary of the priestly ordination of Fr. Andrew Phuong, SDB, Rector of ‘Don Bosco’ of Ulaanbaatar. Present with him were his mother, older brother, younger brother, and a niece from Vietnam.
In his Good Night discourse, Msgr. Savio Hon emphasized the Salesian Family Spirit, according to Article 5 of the Identity Card of the Salesian Family. He appreciated the joy of being together in a family atmosphere that united everyone. He then quoted Don Bosco’s words, “Salesians must have a house, a courtyard, and a church”. He underlined the meaning of home, of playground, and holiness in the Salesian spirit.

On the ninth, Msgr. Hon visited Don Bosco Center of Darkhan, accompanied by Fr. Andrew Phoung and the brother of Fr. Francis. In the morning, he presided over the Eucharistic celebration with the parishioners of Darkhan. Right after Mass, he blessed the statue of Don Bosco’s dream at nine years of age, which is located at the side of the Church. There was a brief entertainment by the parishioners with their songs and graceful Mongolian dances.

The Archbishop Savio Hon, held the last conference for all the missionaries, SDB, FMA, and Missionaries of Charity present in Darkhan. He began by exhorting the missionaries, “You are working on the front lines of the missions, and we are trying to be close to all of you”. He also stressed that “a missionary must be a man of God,” and therefore special attention must be paid to “the quality and importance of the formation of the missionaries.” He also invited us to be attentive to avoid reproducing the West in the East, but to act in such a way that the faith is rooted in Eastern culture to build the local Church. To this end, he emphasized the importance of learning the language. He concluded by reminding everyone that,”The mission of the Church is God’s mission and not a human mission.” He ended his visit to the Salesian Family by spending time with the missionaries and the personnel of Don Bosco Center during a convivial meal.

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17/07/2012 - Sr. Maria Dilbung

It is a joyful occassion and we thank God for the gift of our coming together. May God bless our every effort to make Him known and loved. With good wishes. Sr. Maria Dilbung

17/07/2012 - Sr. Lucy RoseOzhukayil

I rejoice with you dear sisters on this happy occasion. This celebration invites us to faithful and creative missionaries of Jesus Christ living our charism to the full that many people may have "life and have it in abundance". May the Church in Mongolia grow day by day. You are remembered daily with much affection. Sr. Lucy Rose

16/07/2012 - Sr Tallone Vilma

Con voi Carissime Sorelle ringrazio il Signore per questi 20 anni della Chiesa in Mongolia e con voi prego perché il seme gettato sotto terra porti frutto. Anche voi piccoli semi, se accettate di "moririre" in questo sforzo e in questa gioia dell`inculturazione della Fede e del carisma, sempre nella carità, porterete MOLTO FRUTTO. E` il mio augurio per voi e la mia preghiera fraterna Sr Vilma Tallone

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