Rome, 5 days to reflect on the Salesian presence among the Muslims

Rome, 5 days to reflect on the Salesian presence among the Muslims

The Salesian presence among the Muslims” is the title of the study days that will take place from July 30 to August 4, at the Salesianum in Rome . The aims of these 5 days, organised by the Sector and Department for the Missions of the FMA and SDB, are to understand the challenges, discover new perspectives and to gain new intuitions.

The work will start of July 31 with the words of welcome of Fr. Vaclav Klemment and Sr. Alaìde Deretti General Councillors for the Missions, as well as greetings from the Rector Major, Fr. Pascual Chavez and from Mother General, Sr. Yvonne Reungoat.

Already in 1989 and 2001 , the SDB and FMA, tried to reflect on some of these situations: pastoral work and educational challenges in an Islamic context, relations between Islam and Christianity, knowledge of Islam, the family and the promotion of the woman in an Islamic context. The study days will facilitate a return to this reflection in the light of the fact that, today, the situation is greatly changed. Sr. Alaìde Deretti General Councillor for the Missions, highlighted this during her opening words «Today, in every context, in an ever more pluralistic society, in a world where there are no longer any boundaries, and where ‘new borders' are arising every moment, we are challenged to live the dimension of openness towards others, of welcoming those who are different, of silent, generous and gratuitous service, of witness to a life dialogue: in dialogue with persons, places, religions and cultures». Dialogue represents the point of departure for sharing life in a peaceful way. Mother Yvonne also returns to the theme of dialogue in the message she sent for the occasion. She, too, highlighted how it is «possible in the measure in which people face each other with a clear identity, capable of looking at one's own ethnic, cultural and religious wealth with intellectual humility and deep human sensitivity». She also said that «in this journey, the attitude that is called for is undoubtedly dialogue as a privileged space in which to compare various identities that are bound together by one common objective: to seek what unites and never what divides, as the good Pope John XXIII said in such prophetic terms».

The seminar will be divided into three parts: the first will take place on July 31 and will be dedicated to the analysis of the situation; from August 1-3 the second part will take place, which will centre on “study and reflection” and the final part, with “the conclusions” is planned for August 4.

Among those present at these days will be Sr. Loes Maike, consultant to the Sector for the Missions, Sr. Runita Borja Consultant to the Sector for Youth Pastoral, and other FMA, from various provinces, who work in areas where there is a strong Muslim presence.

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03/08/2012 - Sr Lina Abou Naoum

Hadath Baalbeck nella Beqaa libanese si situa in una zona di maggioranza musulmana. Tra i 927 allievi iscritti nella nostra scuola salesiana, 60 sono i cristiani. Nostro padre Don Bosco era sicuro che lo Spirito salesiano, pur essendo nato nel cuore della Chiesa, fonda le sue radici nell’umanesimo cristiano che contaggia popoli e religioni molto diverse. L’Equipe insegnanti, formati di musulmani e cristiani, viene formato salesianamente. Si tratta di rendere traducibile questo spirito a tutti. Chi si avvicina con rispetto e intelligenza spirituale ai musulmani, potrebbe trovare vie per camminare e lavorare insieme per l’Educazione. Sono indispensabili alcuni convizioni chiave: - Educare all’umano (umanizzare), nel senzo di rendere l’uomo sempre piu’ uomo e’ restituirli la sua immagine di Dio. Musulmani e cristiani credono all’uomo creato a immagine di Dio. - Un musulmano che prega riconosce l’assoluto di Dio, la sua Unicita’, la sua Presenza. Se non ha la percezione della Trinita’ non neghiamo che sta pregando lo stesso Dio “Padre nostro”! - Un cammino di purificazione interiore, di rimotivazione continua, di dono gratuito e’ indispensabile per chi lavora tra i musulmano. - Se noi amiamo e lavoriamo tra i soli cristiani, “che merito abbiamo”? Siamo una “chiesa per... il diverso!” Chiuderci per paura, per indifferenza, o per poca convizione rende handicappata la nostra testimonianza.

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