Sr. Maria Troncatti’s Smile in the Embrace of the Community of Corteno

Sr. Maria Troncatti’s Smile in the Embrace of the Community of Corteno

Corteno Golgi (Italy). 5 August 2012: There could not be a better ending to the spiritual retreat of 60 Sisters of the Province of the Madonna of the Cenacle, ILS.  Led by the Provincial, Sr. Celestina Corna, they went to the Aprica pass of St. Bienno Hermitage, the location of the Retreat.  Amid the majestic peaks of the tall Val Camonica, the encounter with the parish community of Corteno Golgi, native town of the soon to be beatified Sr. Maria Troncatti, was a precious occasion for all to renew their own unconditional availability to God. 

In the beautiful parish Church of the Assumption, packed with the faithful and resounding with a well prepare solemn liturgy, the visiting FMA were able to renew their consecration to God.  They were full of emotion at being able to do this in the same temple that witnessed the deepening of the simple, genuine, and essential piety of the young Maria.

At the end of the Eucharistic celebration, Fr. Alessandro Nana, pastor of the town, invited all present to remain in Church.  Sr. Maria Wanda Pennam, author of a brief biography of the Blessed recently published by Elledici of Turin, presented the figure of this Salesian from Corteno Golgi.  In her presentation, she highlighted the holiness that allowed Maria to see Jesus in every person she met, and the sense of providence that was never lacking even in the face of the apparently incurable contradictions that the opposition between the colonists and the Shuar gave rise to. 

After this admirable narration of the out standing traits of Sr. Troncatti’s experience, a spontaneous encounter with the nieces and grand nieces of the new Salesian blessed was almost natural.  Mrs. Agnes, Angelina, and Diumira, although marked by the passing of time, conserved intact the memory of family life typical of their era.  Even though they did not know their Aunt personally, they continue to nourish that sincere and robust faith of which the Troncatti have always been testimonies.
Before eating a quick meal in the places reserved for our use by the Pastor, the FMA of ILS had time to visit the house where Maria was born, guided by the passionate and detailed descriptions of one of her grand nieces.  They remained in silence for a brief time between the walls that had seen this magnificent saint being born.  They were strengthened in the conviction that no human littleness exists that cannot be exalted by God when it is entrusted entirely to Him. 

Returning at the end of a truly special August 5, we were all aware that, at 140 since its beginnings, the Institute hides treasures of holiness that must be discovered, imitated, and proposed to the whole world.

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17/08/2012 - Sor Vicenta Jaramillo - ECUADOR

Me llena de alegría esta noticia que acrecienta el agradecimiento a Dios por las maravillas que sigue obrando en los sencillos de corazón y ardientes en anunciar la Buena noticia, como lo fue sor Maria Troncatti en tierra ecuatoriana. Quedan todas invitadas a prepararse a este gran acontecimiento de su Beatificación y, para quien pueda, participar personalmente o a traves de la web como les comunicaremos muy pronto.

17/08/2012 - Sor Vicenta Jaramillo - ECUADOR

Che gioia grande leggere questa notizia tanto cara. Ci chiama a ringraziare il Signore della Vita per le meraviglie che opera nei piccoli e sentirsi sfidati a proseguire il camino della santità semplice come quello di Sor Maria Troncatti. Dall` Ecuador, invitiamo tutti quanti a unirsi in questo tempo di preparazione e sarebbe bello nella festa della Beatificazione al meno attraverso la pagina webb. In seguito vi daremo le indicazioni al riguardo.

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