11 October: International Day of the Girl Child

11 October: International Day of the Girl Child

On December 19, 2011 the United Nations General Assembly declared October 11, 2012 as the International Day of the Girl Child, thus establishing a day dedicated to reflection on the rights of very young girls and putting an end to gender discrimination. Violence, economic disparity, child marriages, child labor, child trafficking, sexual abuse, and still more are phenomena that are yet very diffused and touch in a special way, girls under 18 years of age. This day dedicated to the extremely delicate phase of girls under 18, is particularly felt by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians who work in favor of the very young throughout the world, becoming for them the sign and mediation of God's love through the Salesian Preventive System.

Why should there be an International Day of the Girl Child? Boys and girls possess the same rights but they must confront different challenges to gain access to them. In many contexts, girls have less possibility, for example, to be enrolled in school because they have to help at home. They have less access to medical help and are more frequently the subject of abuse as compared to boys. The lack of equal opportunity makes the girls extremely weak subjects within society.

It is well known to all, and studies have confirmed and clearly shown, that if women have the opportunity to study and to put their knowledge into practice, to make their abilities available for the family and the community, they contribute to global economic development. Over 200 million young women live in poverty. About 90% of the victims of modern wars are women and children. Over 3 million girls who live in countries at war are invisible in the eyes of their own governments and international donors. To empower these girls, who are the pillars of the future, is the priority of our times.

As John Paul II said in his encyclical Redemptoris Missio, “these situations are the call of the Lord who guides us to live the life of a Samaritan, capable of giving love, healing the wounds of others, and instilling hope.” For this reason, the institution of a day in favor of girls represents a motive for joy for all those who work for the weakest, especially women, and is a step forward in the struggle against gender discrimination.

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15/10/2012 - Mª Fernanda Afonso, fma

Se a proclamação deste dia Internacional das Meninas levar um só abusador a arrepiar caminho e a perceber que cada ser humano, seja de que sexo ou idade for tem os mesmos diretos a ser respeitado que ele, já valeu a pena! Sim, nós, FMA, continuaremos a dar a vida pela felicidade de todas as meninas.

10/10/2012 - Suor Lucia

"Ringrazio il Signore per questa giornata internazionale per le ragazze. Credo che sia una opportunità per aiutarci a rendere sempre più attuale il nostro carisma,che ci spinge a ""dedicarci con amore preferenziale alle giovani più povere e svantaggiate""."

23/12/2012 15:26:46 - Ercilde Moratelli,fma

"Excelente e necessária oportunidade para as meninas deste século! Quanto tempo as pessoas do sexo feminino precisaria ter tido tal oportunidade! Com certeza nós FMA vamos continuar investindo o nosso melhor na missão como educadoras delas e deles, para que possam crescer como filhas e filhos de Deus em ciência, sabedoria e graça, e se tornem construtores positivos da nova sociedade segundo os valores do Evangelho.

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