Italy: Young people of CFP, Chieri meet the president of the Republic

Italy: Young people of CFP, Chieri meet the president of the Republic

On September 25, fifteen young people from the Professional Formation Centre in Chieri, went to the Ceremony for the Opening of the school year 2012-13 , presided over by the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, the Minister for Education, Francesco Profumo, and many other Ministers. Taking part in such an important event is not an everyday occurrence and the young people of St. Teresa CFP had the opportunity of participating thanks to a multimedia competition organised by the Diocese of Turin, with the support of the Regional Scholastic Office.

In the courtyard of honour of the Quirinale there were about 3000 students from all regions of Italy and from every level of school.

Being present at this event was a precious moment both from a cultural and a social point of view. The young people were able to assist at presentations by their companions from other cities, sharing rich values of humanity and knowledge. The programme was transmitted on National TV, and according to many young people it was truly an unforgettable afternoon. During the days that preceded and followed this official moment the young people had an opportunity to admire the beauty of Rome . On their return to school, they were able to share this beautiful experience and reflect on what they had heard from the President of the Republic.

On October 7, the young people of the St. Teresa Professional Centre also went to Turin , to the Holy Face Congress Centre. In the context of the opening of the Week of the School, together with participants from other schools in Turin , they were officially awarded a prize for the video they produced for the diocesan multimedia competition: “The School, a value for all. Let us link up. A true Story: our own”, in which they illustrated the educational activities carried out at the Centre. These are offered so that, along with professional skills, the young people may acquire all those values that will help them to become honest citizens, as the saintly educator from whom the Salesian Sisters and teachers of CIOFS FP (Italian Centre for Salesian Works for Girls – Professional Formation) take their inspiration. Having been classified as first in the category of senior secondary schools, they received a certificate of participation and a parchment in memory of the event from the hands of Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia of Turin .

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