The Celebration Continues

The Celebration Continues Macas (Ecuador). The celebration for the Beatification of Sr. Maria Troncatti was an all-inclusive moment of grace. On the evening of November 24, the young people of the FMA works performed a “Cantata for Sr. Maria Troncatti”, going back in music over her life, her missionary spirit and her simple way of living the Salesian charism. Mother Yvonne and the Sisters of the Council who were present had an opportunity to see how much affection for the newly Blessed exists in Ecuador and what an intense involvement there was in the preparation of this celebration. On the morning of 25 th , before returning to Quito, the Eucharist was celebrated in thanksgiving to the Lord for having granted the grace of a new Blessed to the Institute, the Church and Ecuador. The celebration in the cathedral of the Apostolic Vicariate of Mendez, presided at by the Apostolic Vicar Néstor Montesdeoca Becerra, was festive and deeply felt. The vicar of the Rector Major, Fr. Adriano Bregolin was present along with many Salesians and members of the family of Sr. Maria Troncatti. One of the most solemn gestures was the entrance of the relic, carried by Mother Yvonne Reungoat, surrounded by a group of girls. Mother Yvonne's return to Rome is planned for November 27.

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