Anniversaries 2012

Anniversaries 2012 A short summary, in a few sentences, of all that happened in the busy space of 365 days is, perhaps, possible if we consider every year as “miniature of life”, like the celebration of a birthday. 2012 could be defined as a year of anniversaries and, as such, it is destined to be remembered and inserted into the pages of history. The events that are remembered are like bridges, fundamental links between the life of the Institute and the young people. Let us remember those anniversaries, seeing them as kairos moments, "God's time", and for this reason, as having left something special. In fact, what one defines as special depends on the word one uses, because it indicates identity.

Remembering events in chronological order means considering them from a quantitive point of view. Remembering them as kairos means considering them from the point of view of quality. The mid-chapter evaluations and thoughts that already turn towards the General Chapter. The celebration of the 20 th anniversary of the visit of John Paul II to the Auxilium University and the 25 th anniversary of VIDES International. The Feast of Gratitude for Mother Yvonne celebrated at Mornese, and her warm and enthusiastic words, which communicated life to the young people. The film: “The House of Happiness”, on the life of Maria Mazzarello, and the FMA who worked, together with the SDB and the “youth for youth” among the people hit by the earthquake. Mother Yvonne nominated by Benedict XVI as an observer at the ordinary general assembly of the Synod of Bishops. The declaration of the miraculous cure of Sr. Luigina Traversa by Our Lady of Lourdes, a special gift that makes us reflect on the ability to trust in the supernatural. The many anniversaries of FMA presence in various areas of the world: a charism that continues to flourish and reach young people worldwide.

The Institute celebrated its 140 th birthday but still presents itself as ‘young at heart', open to broad horizons, with its eyes focused on the dawn of a new day... and a new publication on the life and reality of the FMA today: “ Con i giovani sulle vie del mondo ” (With young people on the roads of the world). The beatification of Sr. Maria Troncatti, which almost coincided with the opening of the year of faith, an example of gratuitous charity, and therefore of “New Evangelisation”. The beginning of the preparations for WYD at Rio, with the lively desire to help young people to meet Jesus. Recalling the principal events is a gift to be recognised and for which to be grateful. It calls us to open ourselves to hope, and to think of the time that we are still being given as a new ‘talent' with which to work for the good of the Institute and of the young people entrusted to us.

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28/12/2012 14:06:37 - Sr. Leonor Salazar

Con Maria cantiamo Magnificat! Grazie di questa bella sintesi. Grazie alla Madre, e a ogni FMA. Adesso, andiamo avanti con tanta fiducia in Dio: felice 2013.

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