Past Pupils of Mornese visit the Generalate

Past Pupils of Mornese visit the Generalate

Rome (Italy). On Friday April 13, day of the monthly commemoration of Mother Mazzarello, a group of 55 Past Pupils from the Mornese Unit, accompanied by the delegate, SR. Rosanna Costantini visited the Mother House in Rome. The trip of the Mornesians was motivated by the possibility of meeting Mother M. Yvonne Reungoat, and in a certain sense ‘pay back’ the visits that Mother had made to Mornese, especially the one of last year on the occasion of the Feast of Gratitude. This event was truly a festive motive!
Upon their arrival, they were greeted by the General Councillors present and some FMA of the Mother House. Sr. Maritiz Ortiz, World Delegate for the Past Pupils, welcomed them in the name of the Federation Council and thanked them for the lovely initiative in visiting La Madre, the successor of Mother Mazzarello. She reminded them that this is also their house, the home for all the members of the Salesian Family in the world.

Madre Yvonne Reungoat addressed a message of hope to them, affirming among other things that, “You Past Pupils are the greatest strength of the Salesian Family and are the most numerous. We need you because you can arrive where we cannot, in families, at work, in society. Bring the Salesian Spirit wherever you go. We count on you a lot. And you, especially, are not just any group. You are the Past Pupils of Mornese, the ‘holy ground’ for every Daughter of Mary Help of Christians!

In conclusion, Mother Yvonne gave each one a key chain of Mary Help of Christians, a short biography of Blessed Maria Troncatti, and a picture of Pope Francis with the phrase, ‘When humans do not fulfil their responsibilities, when we do not take care of creation and of our sisters and brothers, then destruction finds room and the heart becomes arid’. After the encounter, the group left to begin their pilgrimage to Rome, welcomed by a splendid sunny day!

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20/04/2013 05:02:27 - S. Andrea

Felices Pascuas a tod@s. Felicidades por tan linda iniciativo y ese rico y sabroso compartir Mornesino... Que lindo se siente sabor a familia. Un fuerte abrazo Madre Ivom, Hnas del Consejo, S. Maritza, Delegada de Mornes y cada Exalumn@. Dios, Maria, Don Bosco, Madre Mazzarello y toda la familia Salesiana, esta de fiesta por su gozo. un fuerte abrazo y union de oraciones

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