Brasile in festa

Brasile in festa Sr.Adair Sberga FMA writes to us from Brazil: “All of Brazil is celebrating a great feast. The Holy Father has arrived and thousands of persons were present wherever he passed. It was a very strong manifestation of joy and happiness. There are persons from all parts of Brazil and America who have come to be together to welcome Benedict XVI. Aparecida and Guaratinguetà await him. There have been many changes in the city to improve its infrastructure and to be ready for this event. Hundreds of persons are still working to have everything ready. Government officials, mayors, the Church, all have been mobilized with great commitment. The Holy Father is happy because he has seen how the Brazilian people love him. Brazil paused to be able to enjoy the many blessings of God. Brazilian TV had a live transmission of the arrival of the Holy Father in our nation and continues to transmit all of his movement from one place to another and his discourses. Our region is the most fortunate. Aparecida is very close to Guaratinguetá. Today the Holy Father will canonize the first Brazilian saint who was born here, in Guaratinguetá. On Saturday, the Holy Father will pass through Guaratinguetà on a street where we have a community and all of our students with their parents will be there to welcome him. On Sunday he will open the Fifth Conference of CELAM that will be held in Aparecida. There are many persons present and not only from Latin America and the Caribbean, but also from Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. It is a very special time for the Church on this continent. There have been great preparations with all the people throughout this nation. There is much hope.”

Sr. Adair Ap. Sberga was chosen to represent her archdiocese and will help the Secretary General of CELAM in the Fifth Conference. Her specific work will be that of editing the official document of the Conference.

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