Opening of the first early childhood school in Mongolia

Opening of the first early childhood school in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar-Orbit (Mongolia). On September 2, 2013, a phase of the dream of the mission in Mongolia was finally realized. After years of study and of preparation, the FMA received government permission to open an early childhood school in the periphery of the capital of Ulaanbaatar .

Thus, on September 2 at 10:00 AM the house was filled with workers, Sisters, as well as 85 children from three to five years of age, and their parents for the first day of school. The opening began with the singing of the traditional national anthem. After a presentation on the development of the early childhood school, and of the teachers, there was a greeting by the principal of the early childhood school, Sr. Domenica Chang, by the Bishop, Msgr. Wenceslao Padilla , and by the Provincial, Sr. Cecilia Choi.

Immediately following this, each child who remained patiently listening, received a small backpack from the Bishop and the Provincial. After the group picture, the children were divided by age and reached their classroom with their teacher. As in every start of an early childhood school, tears were not missing from the littlest ones because they had to leave their parents. However, little by little, they calmed down and by lunchtime, they were all satisfied. After the meal, the little ones all had a nap.

The Sisters of the community of Ulaanbaatar-Orbit write, “We thank the Lord and Mary help of Christians who guided us and opened the road in this mission. We also thank the many benefactors who helped us with their goods and their prayers. Without this help, we would not have been able to realize our dream. May the Lord bless this work with the children and their families and grant that this small seed may bring fruit for this society.”

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18/09/2013 16:10:53 - Sr. Giordana

Con cuore missionario ringrazio con voi il Signore e Lo prego perché quest'opera si ampli a favore di tanta gioventù

18/09/2013 13:25:57 - Sr.MariaGrazia Caputo

Vi sono vicina, ringrazio il Signore e godo con voi per quest'opera

15/09/2013 18:20:45 - merche

Sono con voi per ringraziare il Signore! Avanti! Mercedes fma

15/09/2013 15:32:05 - Ir. Maria José Souza

Que alegria ver o processo de avanços da presença de nossas Irmãs na Móngolia. Comecei a conheço pelo vídeo: "nuova frontiera missionaria" que era com certeza o início da boa nova que Deus estava enviando aquele povo. "Louvores se proclame pelos feitos do Senhor", pela coragem e sim generoso das Superioras e Irmãs atuantes na Móngolia. Deus as abençõe!

14/09/2013 16:58:16 - ir. giustina Zanato

Muito obrigadas Irmãs...é com os pequenos que podemos semear as "sementes do Verbo"...e Maria estará com voces para concretizar mais sonhos de bem....

14/09/2013 09:24:41 - Sr. Susan Kenya

What a joy to have the littlest ones around, theirs is the Kingdom of God. Through them we reach the parents and the society. Blessings in your work with these angels!

13/09/2013 23:13:56 - S. María Dolores Cordero

Sí alabemos al Señor por lo que hace crecer en cada corazón, sobretodo, en el corazón de cada niño que son la esperanza del futuro. Cuenten con la ORACIÓN.

10/09/2013 05:39:15 - SOR ANGELA LUCIA

Gracias a Dios y a Maria Auxiliadora por esta "casa" abierta a tantos niños... y sus familias. Un gran recuerdo en la oración. y mis mejores deseos de construir lo mejor para un mundo mejor.

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