Images of the Charism from the world

Images of the Charism from the world

Rome (Italy). In the past few months, every community has received four new DVD's filmed by Don Bosco Missions and the Social Communications Department. The production of these videos is part of the program of the Social Communication Department for these six years. The objective is to film the various ways in which the charism is incarnated in the world. The project plans to have a DVD for every Province Conference.

The first ones that were filmed and already sent some time ago, were done in Syria and Lebanon , lands that are now very tried by situations of war and tension. The video on Syria entitled A Great Laboratory for Life, in addition to telling the story of our Sisters in the community of Damascus and their work in a multi-religious context, presents some historical facts that help us to understand better the culture of this beautiful land that is now threatened by war. So too, the video filmed in Lebanon, Hadath Baalbek, presents the educational work of the FMA in a context that is mostly Islamic and where their work is ever more a school of peace.

In Africa, the video Never Again Vidomegon was filmed in Benin where our Sisters have creatively found the way to stay with the children who are bought and sold for work in the markets, taking them from their families and the possibility of studying.

There is also the video filmed in India , United for a Better Society, where our Sisters tell about the work for the promotion of women through microcredit projects, micro-economies, and others that aim at the empowerment of women.

The last ones to arrive were filmed in Korea, Columbia, Italy, and Paraguay.

A different Road presents some FMA works in Seoul , the capital of Korea , in favor of girls who are entrusted to the Sisters by the Juvenile Courts. The originality of the intervention gives the girls an opportunity of beginning again and dreaming of a better life.

A Team Game, is the story of the Oratory of Gallarate, Varese, Italy , where being in the oratory becomes a style of life that is characterized by sharing, joy in self-giving, and simplicity of rapports.

Patio 13, Street Teachers, was filmed in Columbia , between Medellin and Copacabana. The video presents a new kind of school, a project to form street teachers capable of offering lessons that are pertinent and integral to children and young people in marginalized situations.

Ñande Roga, Our House, narrates missionary life in Chaco Paraguay , inhabited by indigenous people of various ethnicities. The FMA work alongside these populations, responding to the primary needs and rights of each one.

Enjoy watching, especially during the upcoming missionary month.

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06/10/2013 19:55:53 - Matteo

E' una iniziativa che mi piace. E' possibile avere, dietro giusto compenso, i dvd ? se sì, come ?

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