We Defend the Girls!

We Defend the Girls!

Rome (Italy). The International Day of the Girl will be celebrated on October 11, 2013. The theme of the day is: “Innovations for the Education of girl children and young girls”. Realizing the right of girls to instruction is above all, a moral obligation and imperative.

In 2012, the United Nations insisted on the priority of guaranteeing school to everyone and asked the governments for a commitment to this. “Instruction is a right” the General Secretary of the United Nations, Ban Kii-moon stated, “but it is not a reality for too many girls and women. Instruction is a message of trust and hope. It is to say to a child you have a future and what you think is important”.

Many valid efforts have demonstrated that the education of girls is a transforming force for society and for the girls themselves. It is a determining factor from which flow almost all the objectives of development, lowered mortality rates, fertility, and eradication of poverty for equitable growth, changes in social norms, and for democracy.

Although in the last twenty years meaningful steps forward have been made in order to give better access to instruction, many girls, especially the most marginalized, are still deprived of this basic right. In many countries, the girls are not able to frequent school and complete their formation due to safety, financial, institutional, and cultural motives. Even when they do go to school, instruction is of low quality, lack of interest and motivations, the weight of domestic work or other responsibilities impede them from frequenting school and reaching an adequate level of instruction.

Recognizing the need for new and creative prospects for promoting the education of young children and girls, the International Day of the Girl of 2013 will study the importance of new technologies and innovative partnerships, politics, the use of resources, mobilization of the community, and above all, the participation of the girls themselves. All the agencies of the United Nations, the member States, the organizations of civil, public, and private societies, have at their disposition instruments capable of bringing about change with the girls and in their favour, and promoting their instruction.

In her discourse at the General Assembly of the United Nations in June of 2013, Malala Yousafzai “urged all to wage a global war against illiteracy, poverty, and terrorism and take up books and pens. They are our most powerful arms. A child, a teacher, a pen, and a book can change the world. Instruction is the only solution”.

For the FMA, this is a strong reason for joy because our mission implies “the gift of predilection for the young and commits us to be for them, at the school of Mary, a sign and mediation of the charity of Christ, the Good Shepherd, in the style of the Preventive System”.

Let us together launch a campaign to support the ‘new face of transformation' in the education of girls. Let us work to empower little girls and older girls so that they may become “good Christians and honest citizens”.

We unite ourselves with the girls whether of Salesian Centres or not, who are the protagonists of the declaration to make this day unforgettable.

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13/10/2013 05:38:59 - giustina zanato

...é il nostro carisma stareal fianco della bambina, giovane e donna di ogni tempo e di ogni cielo...Madre Mazzarello ci há precedute e continua ad additarci questo campo di feconditá apostólica. Siamone fiere di stare al lado di chi há piú bisogno di sentirsi valorizzata e diamogli la mano per condurle ad una meta di serenitá di vita che le possa portare ad essere protagoniste di bene...

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