Holiness is a good that makes us vibrate with joy and contagions those who come close

Holiness is a good that makes us vibrate with joy and contagions those who come close

Rome (Italy). “The feast of All Saints and of the Remembrance of the Dead, celebrated in the Year of Faith, enriched the Salesian Family with two new Blesseds, Sr. Maria Troncatti and the Salesian Brother Stefano Sandor, and is the occasion to turn our gaze to Heaven where our Sisters already form part of the Heavenly Country. It also leads us to reflect on our journey of holiness.

In Heaven we have our Founders, St. John Bosco and St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello, six Sisters who are Blesseds, one student, and two Venerables who intercede for us and those who entrust themselves to them. We are aware that the FMA home in Paradise is growing a lot this year. The FMA in Heaven number 14,483 and on the earth 13, 020.”

This is what Sr. Sylwia Ciezkowska fma, Vice-postulator for the Causes of Saints writes, inviting the FMA communities to reflect on holiness.

Our religious family is a family filled with great holiness. It is not an abstract holiness, distant from life, but a discrete, concrete, and realistic holiness that is measured by the challenges, difficulties, and the inevitable human contradictions, and at the same time luminous, full of joy, and apostolic creativity.

Holiness is giving the first place to Jesus in our life with conviction. It ardently desires with a heart in love, a constant and deep relationship with Him. It is following Him without reserve to the point of embracing the ‘precious treasure of the Cross' in which ‘we recognize the icon of supreme love, where we learn to love what God loves and as He loves. This is the Good News that restores hope to the world”.

Are we convinced that holiness is possible even today and that it must be the life program that impels us to live God's will each day? God is holy and calls us to live a ‘transfigured existence' that radiates light, joy, peace. To say yes to the journey of asceticism for holiness means being available for everything, even martyrdom rather than betray the covenant with God that is the font of fruitfulness, of renewal, of hope for all, especially the young.

To reinforce awareness of the communion of Saints and to revive our reciprocal gift of charity that unites us in time (C 60), grateful to the Lord for the witness and fidelity to our Salesian vocation and mission of so many of our Sisters, let us ask and not doubt their efficacious help.

If men and women knew what power is in our hands; if they were aware that there not only exist a democracy, monarchy, hierarchy, but also an autocracy, that is the power of the saints, they would read history differently, but above all, they would construct it differently” writes Fr. Luigi Padovese.

May Mary Help of Christians and our Saints, Blesseds, and Venerables bless us!

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01/11/2013 21:40:56 - Ir. Angela Silva

Que mensagem linda.Que o Senhor Jesus me de a graça de um dia chegar lá.

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