Seminar of Salesian History for Asia East-Oceania Region

Seminar of Salesian History for Asia East-Oceania Region

A total of 34 FMA, SDB, Sisters of Charity of Jesus (SCG), Handmaids of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (SIHM), and Daughters of the Queenship of Mary, are participating in the Seminar. They come from ten nations: Italy , Philippines , Solomon Islands , Papua New Guinea , Timor-East , Indonesia , Myanmar , Thailand , Vietnam , Japan and China . They have gathered at Don Bosco Retreat House in Talisay City-Cebu in the Philippines to participate in the Seminar of Salesian History for the Asia East-Oceania Region, on the theme “The State of Salesian historiography in the Region: Conservation and Valorisation of the Cultural Patrimony”.

This is the third Seminar organized by the Cultural Association of Salesian History (ACSSA) after the one held in Nairobi , Kenya (Africa) in 2011; at Bel Horizonte, Brazil ( America ) in 2012, and at Benediktbeuern , Germany (Europe); and now at Cebu from November 4 to 8, 2013. Present at the Seminar are Sr. Grazia Loparco, FMA, (President of ACSSA) and Fr. Stanislaw Zimniak, SDB, (Secretary of ACSSA). The objectives of the conference are the analysis and verification of the historical survey of Salesian Work of East Asia-Oceania and the Question of the Conservation and Valorisation of the Salesian Cultural Patrimony.

Sr. Grazia Loparco, as president of ACSSA, greeted everyone and invited all the participants to become aware of the importance of documentation, of archives, and more generally, of the cultural patrimony and its conservation. Taking as a starting point the phrase written at the entrance to the Archives and Library of Incarnation Monastery, “This is the place where the dead open the eyes of the living”, she solicited us to “Listen to the testimony of those who have preceded us in the mission” not only as an act of justice toward their memory, but also to refine “the capacity to decode the actual needs of our reading viewpoint and responsibility, grasping the seeds of the future that wait to blossom”.

Mother Yvonne Reungoat's message was read at the opening of the Seminar. She emphasized the deep ties between Salesian identity and historical knowledge. “In order to form and develop the Salesian identity, it is necessary to have knowledge of its history and the re-elaboration of the personal and collective memory. In a time marked by economic, social, and ethical crises at various levels, we find that, especially in some places, there is a crisis in preserving and valuing the cultural patrimony, perhaps due to weakened motivation. We must re-awaken such motivations and rely on them to acquire awareness of the importance of historical documentation, of the preservation of the sources, and the elaboration of our history…We must do this in order not to disperse a patrimony that forms the cultural and spiritual riches of the Salesian Family. It gives consistency to the present and helps us to project toward the future with vision…The Salesian charism in Asia has know great development and still enjoys much vitality. The study of history allows us to discover the elements that favoured its enculturation…we can synthesize and interpret these elements, Mother concluded, and offer them as the basis for a greater awareness for the new generations so that they may continue to raise the Salesian colours in this continent rich in a young population. Asia has much to say to the Salesian Family!”

Planned for these meeting days are interventions of some experts to illustrate the actual currents in ecclesiastical and religious historiography in some areas of the Asian continent and the comparison of its connotations in the various Nations and in the various components of the Salesian Family, sharing strong points and weaknesses.

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12/11/2013 18:23:17 - franca

Esprimo le mie più vive congratulazioni per questo Seminario. Recuperare la memoria storica, particolarmente in un tempo di crisi come il nostro, è scommettere sul futuro, contribuire a dare fiducia e speranza all’umanità, oltre che rendere un servizio al nostro Istituto e alla stessa vocazione salesiana. Fare “memoria” può favorire un’alleanza costruttiva tra generazioni.

08/11/2013 20:39:22 - Sr Giustina Valicenti, fsmp

Complimenti per la coerenza storica carismatica che continuate a testimoniare! Un grazie di cuore a sr Grazia Loparco e a tutte voi sorelle assetate della linfa vitale!

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