La Madre and the Council in the footsteps of St. Francis de Sales

La Madre and the Council in the footsteps of St. Francis de Sales

On Sunday, June 24th the weeklong spiritual exercises that La Madre and the General Council lived at Annecy, France, concluded.They allowed themselves to be guided by the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales through the precious mediation of the Salesian, Fr. Morand Wirth.
The theme: “The all-foreseeing love of God with St. Frances de Sales and Jeanne de Chantal” that was the connecting thread of the days, led the group to the heart of the Chapter theme and allowed for depth in a charismatic view.
As in every Retreat experience, they had hours of intense joy, of great depth, of contemplation, and of communion favored by the climate of silence and of prayer, from the scenery of the nearby mountains to the significance of the “Salesian” places visited during three afternoon pilgrimage toAnnecy and its surroundings andto Chablis.
The time of the Retreat was preceded by a few days of rest at Etroubles, Val d’Aosta.This offered Mother and the Council unforgettable hours of communion and “immersion” in nature.The experience was preceded by a pause at Turin-Valdocco and concluded at Mornese-Valponasca, where they were welcomed by Mother Marinella and the Sisters of the two communities.

Special thanks are due to the Provincials and Sisters of the Piedmont and French provinces for their warm, generous hospitality.

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