Mary Help of Christians at Cabinda

Mary Help of Christians at Cabinda Sr. Zvonka Mikec writes from Angola telling us of the arrival of Mary Help of Christians at Cabinda last July 6.  Cabinda is a small territory administered  as an exclave of Angola, a resuilt of the fusing of three kingdoms in the XV Century: N'Goyo, Loango and Kacongo. It has a  land mass of 7.283 Km2  and a population of  300,000 inhabitants, a third of whom are refugees from Zaire.  It is separated from Angola by the coast of the Democratic Republic of Congo which borders it on the south and east.  Many  of the petroleum  deposists of the world  are adjacent to the coast
Sr.Zvonka tells us: “It is difficult to describe the climate lived.  Upon our arrival at the airport with the statue of Mary Help of Christians, we found approximately 200 people waiting for us.  Among them were the religious of the diocese (there are 6 communities in all).
They immediately placed Our Lady in an open car that had been decorated for the event, and the procession to the duomo (about 4 km) began.  The Bishop and other people awaited us there.  Entering into the duomo we prayed the rosary and then had the Eucharistic Celebration in honor of Mary Help of Christians.  The Bishop , after having greeted Our Lady, entrusted to her the journey of the diocese and said that her arrival had already taken place spiritually in the diocese along with the SDB and FMA.
For more than a year a Salesian who accompanied the Bishop during this difficult time for the Church of Cabinda, has been living in the diocese and the Church has seen much progress.  It is still, however, a Church that suffers, and has need of the presence of  the life witness of the religous and priestly life, for an evangelizing ministry that is directed toward young people.”
Mary Help of Christians seems to have opened the way.  Our hope is that as FMA we can respond to the request for the presence of our charism.

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