Round Table on the Occasion of Don Bosco`s Feast

Round Table on the Occasion of Don Bosco`s Feast Rome (Italy). On January 29 at the Generalate, there was a Round Table on the theme, "With Don Bosco toward the Celebration of the Bicentennial of his Birth".  Present at the event were Mother General, M. Yvonne Reungoat, her Council, and also a considerable number of FMA coming from the near-by houses, Novices, some SDB, and members of the Salesian Family.

After the invocaion to the Holy Spirit and the welcome greetings of Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda, Counselor for the Salesian Family, Mother Yvonne introduced the event .  Recalling the Apolstolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium of Pope Francis she affirmed, "As as Institute, we are the 'Church reaching out', mystical and prophetic, in which Jesus is at the centre and the values He proclaimed and lived: love, justice, peace, integrity of creation, which are the solid foundations of a more human world".  The Church must be the home open to receive, but also to meet suffering humanity".  She concluded with a question, "What does this imply for us, called to follow Christ with a specific educational charism, to collaborate in these times heavy with challenges and new oppotunities, in the formation of good Christians and honest citizens?"

Sr. Grazia Loparco, Moderator of the Round Table, affirmed among other things, "If the social dimension is not duly explicit, there is always the risk of 'disfiguring the authentic and integral meaning of the evangelizing mission' (EG, no. 176).   The perspective of Evangelii Gaudium on the social dimension of evangelization casts light on the theme of General Chapter 23 of the FMA, To be with the Young, a Home that Evangelizes.  The two motives are the background of this Round Table in proximity of the feast of Don Bosco, which this year draws our attention to his spirituality.  The concreteness of charity lived by our Founder calls to us".  She also noted the aim of the relfection offered in the evening, to study together the meaning of FMA presence and mission in society in the light of the journey of the Church and of the Institute, called to renewal.

The intervention of Msgr. José Rodriguez Carballo, OFM, Secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, on the theme, An Impassioned Consecrated Life for the Kingdom of God and His Justice, warmed the heart and mind of the participants.  Two aspects of the identity of Consecrated Life on which he dwelled were Passion and Justice.  Passion is being in love, handed over, limitless love, but also suffering, radicality, compassion.  "It is necessary to cultivate a strong spirituality centered on life that makes mystics and prophets, disciples and missionaries, an apostolic spirituality" Msgr. Rodriguez Carballo affirmed.  "Justice for the Kingdom, which is effort in favour of those who suffer injustice, and having sensitivity, a human gaze that asks questions, that is not tired and ordinary, and that leads to concrete options". 

At the conclusion of the presentation there was a dialgoue-confrontation that helped to further deepen some aspects that were stressed.

Don Vito Orlando SDB, Vice Rector of the Salesian Pontifical University of Rome, presented the theme, Called to Evangelize the Young Today, in the new World Scenarios, in the Footsteps of Don Bosco.  After a rapid presentation of the new world scenarios and of young people today, he highlighted some attentions needed to evangelize in Don Bosco's footsteps: the capacity to intuit and read cultural changes and educational needs; reflection and dialogue with the young people to perceive their thirst for meaning, truth, and love; the capacity to unite strong experiences with the ordinary walks of life; activating true 'faith workshops' to help them grow and become solid in the spiritual life.

With our gaze on the young, a song to Don Bosco, and the wishes of Mother General for a joyful feast of the Holy Founder, the encounter closed, followed by a moment of informal greetings in our family spirit.

N.B. The interventions will be available shortly on the Website of the Institute in the area of the Data Bank.


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31/01/2014 20:19:11 - ir. angela silva

Que lindo ver a vida que que cresce no nosso Instituto, o ser casa aberta para acolher a todos. Que o sejamos de fato, e assim ajudar os jovens a crescer no amor a Cristo.

31/01/2014 19:09:39 - Ir. Maria Helena de Loiola

Como é bom estarmos em REDE porque, mesmo de longe, podemos participar dessa grande riqueza que é o Instituto. Só temos que agradecer à Madre Yvonne pelas ricas reflexões e pedir a Dom Bosco sua intercessão junto a Deus e Maria Auxiliadora por todas nós que levamos adiante esse Carisma procurando atender aos grandes desafios do "Hoje".

31/01/2014 18:01:11 - Annalisa

Credo che Don Bosco sia sempre più attuale e vivo in mezzo a noi. "Buoni cristiani e onesti cittadini" è il grido di speranza di tanti che ancora credono nell'educazione. Grazie Madre anche per questo momento di riflessione

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