L`Afrique? C`est chic!

L`Afrique? C`est chic! Rome (Italy).  There will be 6 African countries, 14 young emerging artists, and 250 girls who have discovered artistic freedom.  From March 19 to 23, they will stage a lively performance at the seat of Fandango Encounter at Rome.  The event, proposed by the FMA Youth Mission Onlus (http://www.missionegiovanifma.org/) and organized in collaboration with Fandango Encounter and Project ABC Lazio Region, will tell the stories and emotions of Congo Brazzaville, of the Ivory Coast, of Gabon, of Mozambique, of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and of Togo that interweave each other to make their existence come to life through art.

The Association FMA Youth Mission Onlus, founded in 2010, has as reference the 1414 communities of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians situated in 93 countries, and in every continent, to realize programs finalized to prevention and support of the most vulnerable strata of society.  They reach over three million beneficiaries directly.  It is oriented to the young and, in particular, to girls at risk, young people, and women in precarious situations by promoting education, social-economic development, and by fighting against every form of violence and exploitation. 

Six youth centres managed by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians have collaborated in the realization of art workshops.  At Abidjan, in the populous area of Koumassi, the youth centre reaches about 300 children and young people.  It expresses itself in oil paintings and on cloth, in the production of watercolours and cards, and in ceramics. 

At Lubumbashi in the Eastern Congo Republic is the centre of mineral wealth but also of the exploitation of minors.  At the rehabilitation centre for street children, a workshop was established to make greeting cards of straw and banana leaves that have been dried and ironed.  At Lomé, in Togo, the professional Centre expresses its imagination in fashion creations: cloth, dresses, shirts, shoulder bags, and thongs.  In Gabon, at Oyem, in the heart of the equatorial forest, the children invent their games and gadgets by recycling whatever they find.  At Pointe Noire, at the Youth Centre born during the civil war of Congo Brazzaville, herbal artists are experts in oil painting.  Yaoundé, capital of Cameroon, is a city that is very active artistically for woodwork.  In Mozambique, Maputo Centre was born during the civil war to rehabilitate street children.  It specializes in gift articles of stationery and in stone sculptures of Ebigù combined with raffia.

Art makes possible ‘seeing’ and ‘self-expression’, the world and daily life beyond what words can reveal.  Artistic expression activates unexplored interior resources and the capacity to elaborate one’s own life by giving it a shape that others can perceive and enrich with their own interpretations.  Images do not lie.  They are immediate, authentic, and come from the depths.  They do not create defence barriers.  They speak a universal language and become the key to enter into the imagination and culture of a people, to understand their soul better.  Looking at these rays of life, we learn to know better the young artists who, through what is exhibited, have wanted to communicate their vitality, evoke a colourful reality, moments of joy, of hope, of effort, almost like a palette of humanity.

L'Afrique c'est chic is an approach to art without stereotypes or preconceived ideas to allow young talents to emerge and enter into dialogue with different cultures.

At one time, they were victims.  Today, these young women re-discover life through art, freedom of expression, and begin to live again thanks to a creative act.  The works produced will be presented in the next months in other exhibits in other Italian cities.  The aim is to favour intercultural sharing and comparing.
The exhibit opened on March 19, can be visited until March 23 from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

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20/03/2014 19:06:54 - Eleonora

W l'Afrique! Quelle merveille.

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