Young people, have the courage of happiness!

Young people, have the courage of happiness!

Rome (Italy).  “Tell me, do you really hope for happiness?”  This is the question that Pope Francis asks the young people in his message for the next World Youth Day that will be celebrated on Sunday, April 13, at the diocesan level.  “At a time in which we are attracted by many illusions of happiness, we run the risk of being content with little, of having a ‘small’ idea of life.  Instead, aspire to greater things!  Widen your hearts!”  Pope Francis writes this indicting the Beatitudes as a way to find authentic joy.

But the beatitudes are revolutionary.  They affirm the primacy of something today’s world not only rejects, but recommends that we avoid entirely.  “The Beatitudes of Jesus are the bearers of revolutionary newness, of a model of happiness opposite that which is usually communicated by the media, by the dominant mentality,” we read in the message.

Three beatitudes will articulate the journey of preparation for the appointment at Kracova in 2016.  The first is, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mark 5:3).  This is the first task entrusted to the young people in a world dominated by the illusory delirium that everything can be possessed.  The Pope recommends, “First of all, seek to be free in respect to things.  The Lord calls us to an evangelical life style marked by moderation, and not to a consumer culture.  We must seek the essential; learn to divest ourselves of many superfluous and useless things that suffocate us.  Let us detach ourselves from the desire to have, from the idolatry of money that is then wasted.  Put Jesus in first place.  He can free us from the idolatries that enslave us.  Trust God, dear young people!  He knows us.  He loves us.  He never forgets us.  He provides for the lilies of the field (Cf Mt 6: 28); He will not allow us to lack anything!  Even to overcome the economic crisis, we need to be ready to change our life style, to avoid so much waste.  In the same way that it is necessary to have the courage of happiness, the courage of moderation is also needed.”  

“In order to live this Beatitude, we all need conversion in regard to the poor.  We must take care of them, be sensitive to their spiritual and material needs.  I entrust to you young people in a particular way the task of putting solidarity once more at the center of human culture.”  Here is the second effort to ‘live poverty’.  We need to touch, to caress the poor, to stay with them.  In a word, we must consume a piece of ourselves with others and for others.  Today, difference makes goodness.

Poverty and littleness, both material and spiritual, is very little asked for today, but it identifies closely with one of the key words of the message, “Near others as Mary was in the Magnificat.”  If we do not see Christians, then they are not true Christians.  The freshness of the proclamation, of witness, stands out more in the young, because when the young seriously commit themselves, they are much more radical than adults.

“Go to serve without fear.”  These are the words of Mother General, Sr. Yvonne Reungoat, to the young people of SYM.  They are in perfect synergy with those of the Pope.  “You young people of SYM are the bearers of a charism that by its very nature is missionary.  You are precious pearls in a dynamic Movement that invites you to be ‘Youth for Youth’.  Many of your friends are waiting for a word of hope, gestures of friendship and solidarity.  They wait for you to be witnesses of joy!  What is the source of authentic joy?  It is Jesus.  You young people of SYM are witnesses of joy if you love Jesus, if you are ready to let yourselves be met each day by His glance that is always a glance of love.”


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14/04/2014 00:34:09 - Sor Ma Luz Monroy

Hermoso el mensaje dado por el Papa y el comentario de nuestra querida Madre Ivonne. Me llena de gozo y pido al Señor nos ayude a ser signos visibles y creibles de esa felicidad que nos da el ser auténticas FMA. Esto anima a nuestros jóvenes que buscan profetas no sólo con la palabra sino sobre todo con la vida.

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