Pilgrims of truth and of peace

Pilgrims of truth and of peace

Rome (Italy). Pope Francis has often repeated that “Peace is a Person.  It is the Holy Spirit”.  Therefore, the Solemnity of Pentecost is an occasion to invoke Peace and to avoid the risk of forgetting the many conflicts in the world.  It can become an opportunity to recall attention to the international community, of all those who have any responsibility, and are in some way involved in the many situations of violence and conflict in the whole world.

“How much suffering, how much devastation, how much pain the use of arms has brought and brings, especially to the civilian and defenceless population!  How many children will not be able to see the light of the future!  I condemn the use of chemical weapons with particular firmness!  I tell you I still have fixed in my mind and heart the terrible images of past years!  There is God’s judgment and also history’s judgment on our actions that we cannot escape!  The use of violence never leads to peace.  War calls forth war; violence calls forth violence!”  (Appeal of Pope Francis at the Angelus of September 1, 2013)

We must not forget the wars and conflicts in the Middle East and in Africa.  There are numerous refugees from Palestine, Syria, and Iraq.  There are millions dispersed, among which many children, from the Central African Republic and South Sudan.  There is the crisis in Damascus and Kiev and the tensions in Venezuela, Thailand, and North Korea.  There are the forgotten daily victims, the indescribable suffering, the thousands of refugees, among them the elderly and children, who suffer and at times die of hunger and sicknesses caused by war.

The Holy Spirit’s mission is to generate harmony and bring peace in different contexts and peoples.  The realization of peace depends, above all, on the acknowledgement of being one human family in God.  Peace is born and consolidated in the truth that, not only do we all have the same blood and are part of the human race, but also that we have one Father in Heaven and we are all His children, created in His image and likeness.

The Holy Father said, “Peace is made ‘crafted by hand’!  There are no peace industries.  It is made each day, by hand, and also with an open heart that becomes God’s gift”.   The crafter of peace, be it an ordinary person or a national leader, needs prayer, because it is through prayer that the Spirit of God ‘anoints’ and disposes the heart to preserve peace, to be a messenger and witness of peace”.

The exodus toward peace requires courage, firmness, and the support of prayer. 


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05/02/2013 02:26:26 - Sor Nancy Venegas

grazie per questa notizia. Certo che noi possimo unirci nella preghiera per questo nostro caro popolo di Giappone. La Vergine é con voi e noi tutte le sue figle anche. La solidarietá é il nome della caritá.

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