Edu-communication: an Educational opportunity and challenge

Edu-communication: an Educational opportunity and challenge

Recife (Brazil). In the Brazilian Province of Mary Help of Christians of Recife (BRE), formative encounters for students and young people in formation on the theme Edu-communication were held during the year. 
Today, it is urgent to educate positively, forming a synthesis between education, communication, and evangelization proper to the Preventive System. In the course of the year, Sr. Quitéria Rosa held various encounters on the theme of Edu-communication, both for the students of the school and the young people in formation, aspirants and postulants.

“To make Valdocco and Mornese actual means to enter intelligently and competently into today’s culture characterized by the old and new media.  We must offer a significant contribution through edu-communication, which, by placing education and communication in relationship, consents to an explicit proclamation of Christ capable of influencing the life of the young people of our times” (Cf Gong 4).

In the Salesian tradition, education and communication are rooted in and united to the concrete life of our Founders.  Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello were authentic ‘communicators’ in the heart of the charism.  The communication process had no limits.  It involved everyone: persons, objects, the spaces containing them, from the fields to the city.  The time in which that communication took place ended by extending itself to the whole day, claiming even the night.  The realities of education, communication, and evangelization were never separated in Salesian pedagogy.

Supporting this kind of journey was the conviction that to follow the ways of preventive education, especially today, means giving attention to the communication needs of the young generations.  They must be educated to interpersonal dialogue, openness to others, respecting their originality, to group life as a laboratory of authentic relationships, to the re-discovery of the family, to sharing in the faith community, to positive use and fruition of the means of social communication and the new technologies.

The encounters aroused great interest on the part of the participants and were a way of studying edu-communication, helping them to discover through the means of social communication, going beyond the personal encounter, the basis of the formative process: relationship, faith, and culture in order to build together a world that is more hospitable and united.
Edu-communication determines a new culture that changes life.  This reality beckons us as consecrated women and as educators, inserted in a community that works in favour of the promotion and evangelization of young people.

“Communicating well helps us to be closer and to better know each other, to be more united, thus favouring the “authentic culture of encounter”, wrote some of the participants, recalling the theme of the World Day of Communication.  Others said, “studying the theme of edu-communication made us more aware of how the digital web can be a place rich in humanity and how Christian witness, thanks to the web, can reach even the farthest outskirts”.

In conclusion many said, “It was beautiful to discover that authentic communication can change our life.  This helps us to grow in dialogue with ourselves, with others, and with God”.


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