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consiglio generale Suor Vilma Tallone Suor Maria Nieves Reboso Padrón Suor Paola Battagliola Suor Chantal Mukase Ruzagiriza Suor Lucy Rose Ozhukayil Suor Phyllis Neves Madre Yvonne Reungoat Suor Piera Cavaglià Suor María Luisa Miranda Suor Silvia Boullosa Suor Chiara Cazzuola Suor Maria Helena Moreira Suor Alaíde Deretti Suor Maria Assunta Inoue Sumiko Suor  Runita Borja  Suor Marija Peče

The Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (Salesian Sisters), has its centre in Rome where the Superior General and her Councillors reside.
The Superior General is the bond of communion and the centre of unity in the Institute (Const. 116).
The General Council, composed of the Vicar General, 13 Councillors, and the Secretary General, collaborates directly with the Superior General in the government and animation of the Institute.

The Institute sees co-ordination as the style of animation.
It is a way of leading that tends to involve people in a circular manner.
It is a relational strategy aimed at energising all, so that each one can express, in time, the prophetic fruitfulness of the charism.
The phrase, prophecy of togetherness, clearly expresses this strategy, overcoming the more technical connotation of the term co-ordination and demonstrating the profound link between spirituality and life.
This style of animation, which fosters involvement, sees as indispensable the presence and tasks of the persons indicated in the Constitutions as being responsible for the service of leadership.
The need for co-ordination is felt, not only within religious institutes, but also in the Church and in every social reality. (Plan of Formation 151)

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