Formation Formation is based on the Father’s plan; through the Holy Spirit he wills us ‘to be conformed to the image of his Son that the Son may become the first-born of many brothers’.

In our life as Salesian Sisters formation takes on the characteristics of the specific experience of the Holy Spirit which Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello have passed on to us, and which we personally and in community have the duty to live and develop in harmony with the Body of Christ which is in continual growth (Const. 77). The animation of this process is entrusted by the Institute to the sector for Formation.

At GC XXIII (2014) the Formation Sector was entrusted to the animation of Sr Maria Nieves Reboso Padrón, who has as collaborators:

  • Sr. Fisichella Maria
  • Sr. Miranda Anelfreda

The Formation Councilor and her team animate and promote on-going and initial formation, in fidelity to the charism and to the specific needs of the various contexts.

The Sector strives to assume a style of animation that promotes vocational unity and the quality of our educative mission.

It implements coordination for communion through reflection and study, in collaboration with the other sectors and with the visiting Councilors.

It takes particular care of the formators so that, in fidelity to the criteria dictated by the requirements of the charism, they can be accompanied in their itinerary of growth and in the assumption and carrying out of the ministry entrusted to them, also through formative proposals offered by the Sector.

It promotes the enculturation of the Formative Project, being attentive to the internationality of the presences and the intercultural face of the communities. 

Specific objective of the Sector

The Formation Sector places itself on the horizon of the objective of the Six-year Program and proposes:

  • To assume with responsibility the commitment to promote continuous formation at the encounter and in the encounter as an experience that forms, transforms, and generates life.
  • To choose, in fidelity to the requests that come from the Chapter reflection, proposing, accompanying, and monitoring processes that empower the capacity to broaden the vision to be with the young, missionaries of hope and of joy.

Processes activated:

  • Reflection and elaboration of Guidelines for the Formative Phase of the Temporary Vows.  
  • Continuation of the journeys of enculturation of the Formation Plan – Rooted in the Covenant – evaluating and monitoring the processes of elaboration of the Enculturated Formative Itineraries for on-going and initial formation.  
  • Formation of the Novice Formators in the task entrusted to them: to ‘teach’ the Constitutions as the privileged way to assume the charismatic identity of the FMA.
  • Europe and Middle East Initial Formation

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