Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is the realization of the  inculturated educational mission. It is the charismatic gift expressed in the experience of Don Bosco, Mary Domenica Mazzarello and in the tradition of the Institute. It is the typical way of expressing the Church's attention to the younger generation,  so that Christ may grow in their hearts, and they may  commit themselves to active citizenship.

Youth ministry is set on the  ecclesial horizon of the gospel of joy and the social dimension of evangelization (cf. Evangelii Gaudium n. 176-258) in the present world. This implies a pastoral conversion that takes place when the educating community wants to learn from the actual reality, is open to dialogue, is willing to re-read the experience considering the meeting with Jesus, and rediscovers "young people, our holy land" (Cf. Broaden Your Vision. With the young missionaries of hope and joy. Acts of the GC XXIII, Rome, Istituto FMA 2014, n. 29 and p. 61).

Since 2015 the Youth Ministry Sector has been entrusted to the animation of  Sr. Runita Galve Borja working with a team of collaborators:

Sr. Arciniegas Julia (Network for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation JPIC)
Sr. Audate Annecie (VIDES Internazionale Delegate )
Sr. Caputo Maria Grazia, Sr. Garcia Sarah(Human Rights Office,; - English blog)
Sr. Goulart Ivone Lopes
Sr. Pfozhumai Neli Lolia Annie
Sr. Rastello Elena
Sr. Ulate Ana Victoria

The educational mission is carried out in a plurality of environments from the perspective of the Preventive System and combining pedagogical perspectives that are closely integrated: culture, evangelization, and social communications (Cf Institute FMA, That they may have life and life in abundance. Guidelines of the mission educational of the FMA  Leumann TO, Elledici 2005, n. 41-57.

In different contexts and continents these educational presences take on characteristics, methods, and different nuances. The FMA educational environments currently include schools and vocational training centers; oratories-youth centers; institutions of higher education, hostels and other forms of university ministry. They include schools for catechists; preferred ways of proclaiming the Gospel; houses of spirituality for young people and seculars; works for girls , adolescents and young people at risk; centers for women's advancement; centers for ethnic and religious minorities; reception centers for migrants, refugees and other persons involved in the crisis of human mobility; volunteering, also in its form of association (VIDES); various forms of youth associations. In mutual agreement with the Department of Youth Ministry of the Salesians, the Youth Ministry Sector promotes the reality  of the Salesian Youth Movement and other initiatives.

The sector for Youth Ministry  (, in its new configuration:

  * places itself at the school of Mary, Mother and teacher of the incarnation of the gospel , which educates to effective action from the perspective of the peripheries;
  * chooses to act by networking in synergy with organizations, movements, and people of good will to build justice, peace, and integrity of creation, and a democracy respecting human rights;
  * listens to the multi-religious, multicultural and digital reality to recognize differences and harmonize them, in the belief that the empowerment of education can transform history;
  * recognizes that life is a gift from God, a task, a call to love and response to a vocation to love. In this sense, youth ministry is vocational, because it is oriented to the discernment of God's plan for one’s life and history;
  * values the protagonism of the young people as missionaries among the young;
  * commits itself to offering elements to rethink education organically, to planning and proactivity so that, in the logic of the Incarnation, the educating communities are accompanied in the re-reading of  life, considering the meeting with Jesus and strengthening a relationship quality in ever broader and concentric circles ;
  * assumes an interactive method that:
  - involves province Consultors/Coordinators and their teams,
- favors a circular and fluid manner of communication,
- implements the spirituality of communion in convergence around the charismatic choices and subsidiarity,
- promotes the reality and educational, innovative presences and values them.


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