Mission ad gentes

Mission ad gentes

Dynamism and the FMA Missionary Action - A beginning from two sources : Don Bosco and M. Mazzarello

Don Bosco founded the FMA Institute in 1872 when his heart felt the growth of the ardor to bring to reality his missionary dream .  This was  made concrete with the first expedition in 1875 that was directed toward Latin America.

Madre Mazzarello, influenced by the same ardor, wrote to Fr. John Cagliero in 1876:  “ Call us quickly, then...Oh how pleasant it would be if the Lord would truly grant us this grace of calling us to America!  I wish I were there already!” 

One of the most expressive pictures of the first community of Mornese, FMA and girls, is that showing them gathered around a map of the world.  The strong and genuine land of Monferrato, where the sanctity of Maria Domenica and the early Sisters blossomed, had the characteristic of a strong missionary impulse from the very beginning.

The origins of the FMA missionary journey, thanks to the educational sensitivity acquired in a region interested in the industrial process, is marked by fruitful seeds for the education and instruction of the girls.

Essential aspects of the mission ad/inter  gentes vision:

  1. The mission ad/inter gentes is communitarian       
  2. The new missionary action is educational
  3. Missionary animation is oriented towards the mission ad gentes

Since 2008 the animation of the Sector has been entrusted to Sr. Alaide Deretti together with a team formed by:

Sr. Loes Maike (maike@cgfma.org)

Sr. Sánchez Blanca Esthela (b.sanchez@cgfma.org)

Furthermore, the sector interacts with the provinces and communities on the missionary frontier.  It accompanies provincial teams in contemporaneous specific missionary attentions and facilitates the research of new missionary requirements.
The presence of a mission ad gentes  coordinator on the provincial team contributes toward bringing out the processes specific to the FMA missionary dimension today and giving it continuity.

Plan for the Mission ad gentes Sector for 2015-2020

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