Secretary General

Secretary General

The service of the  General Secretariat coordinated by the Secretary General, Sr. Piera Cavaglià, is carried out through the direction of the Central Archives of the Institute, the preparation of the official Acts from Mother General with the consensus of her Council, of the Cronistoria of the Institute, and of the Registers and General Statistics.

To promote the knowledge and deepen the charism of the Institute and its history, the Secretary-General has the responsibility of maintaining the historical heritage of the Institute through relevant documentation. (cf. Const. 133).

Through the service of the Sisters who work there, the General Secretariat in its various offices constantly maintains the link between the General Council and the Provinces in order to transmit documents and information of common interest for the life of the Institute.

The activities of the various offices are maintained through the processing and transmission of documents, statements and approvals relating to the life and organization of the Provinces.

It is also the duty of the General Secretariat to update the information of every FMA and the Institute Registers that concisely document the personal data of every Sister from her entrance into the novitiate until the end of life.

  • Sr. Mastrotto Maria Teresa
  • Sr. Rutka Danuta

The Historical Archive houses the documentation of the Founders, the historical development of the Institute, information on the individual FMA (personal data, details of qualifications and degrees, biographical notes), communities (decree of erection or closure, chronicles of the houses ) and Provinces (decree of appointment, various permissions, provincial history).

It is also the responsibility of the Sisters who work in this Archive to prepare the annual statistics of the institute, update and compile it into the two volumes of the General Directory of the Institute and to oversee the publication of the short biography of the deceased Sisters in the FMA series "Let us Remember," begun in 1984 as a new series.

  • Sr. Parotti Giuseppina

The Office of Photographic Documentation is part of the Historical Archive that has the task of protecting the visual and audio material received from the provinces regarding the history of the Institute, complementing the printed documentation. Furthermore, the person in charge also coordinates the preparation of exhibits documenting the journey of the Institute and its missionary expansion in various contexts, with particular interest on the places of origin of the Institute both in Italy and in Latin America.

  • Sr. Marzorati Angela

The custody of the materials is done through the selection, and placement allowing for their  filing, both  today and in the future, and for a proper use of those documents.

The Service of the Vice Postulator for the Causes of Saints  is that of gathering and guarding the documentation relative to our Sisters whose process of canonization is in its various phases.  She works in direct collaboration with the Postulator General of the Cause of Saints for the Salesian Congregation. She also maintains contact with the Congregation that presides  the Causes of Saints for  the Institute, and promotes the knowledge of our Servants of God, Venerables, and Blesseds. She also manages the information for the brochure "The Heavens Respond" that contains reports of graces obtained through the intercession of our Sisters, of whom the Church recognizes heroic virtues.

  • Sr. Ciężkowska Sylwia

The Office of Canon Law  is at the service of Mother General, the General Council and the  Provinces for the necessary expertise in the sector of canon law and the law proper to the Institute . It collaborates in the formation for new Provincial Secretaries and new Provincials, as well as in the teaching of Canon Law at university institutions.

  • Suor Katarzyna Kasinska

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