Canonical Visits

Visitatrici The Constitutions tell us: “The Superior General will visit the Institute personally or by means of the General Councilors” and they spell out the aim of the canonical visitation:

  • to reinforce the bond of charity
  • to empower the commitment of fidelity to the Constitutions
  • to favor the increase of the works as a response to local needs in the spirit of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello

They will emphasize the importance of personal and community encounters to be lived in a climate of spontaneity and rapport for an open and constructive dialogue (cf C 120). The Visiting Councilors are entrusted with specific tasks:

  • to promote a constructive and continual rapport between the Provinces and the Superior General and her Council and a valid collaboration among the various province communities
  • to offer to the General Council a better awareness of the Sisters and the environments in which the mission is carried out
  • to empower apostolic action in our Institute
  • to appreciate the various cultures (cf C 132)

General Chapter XXII confirmed and broadened the practical interpretation given by GC XXII to these articles and brought out the attitudes that the Visiting Councilor should assume:

  • listening to the persons as a sister among the Sisters
  • openness to the different cultures so as to accompany journeys and processes in view of vocational unity, the quality of educational presence and the enculturation of the charism
  • commitment to acquire a suitable awareness of the reality to be visited
  • dialoguing with the Provincial and her Council to prepare, plan, evaluate the visit and to study the way to assure continuity
  • meeting with the Councilors of the Sectors and with the Visiting Councilors of the same Interprovincial Conference for a coordinated and convergent animation.

The Chapter especially emphasized the need for the Visiting Councilors to be a stable reference for the Interprovincial conference in such a way as to:

  • accompany the journeys of the Conference
  • favor a more systematic meeting
  • propose points for reflection for the interchange of Sisters among the Provinces
  • empower journey of solidarity and networking (cf Acts of GC XXII n.45)

The Canonical Visit is, therefore, a significant experience of animation in the Institute that is carried out in the family spirit and in the idea of co-ordination for communion.

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