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Forum Campaign in favor of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families
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Introductory letter of Sr Ciri
Brochure 1: The Migrant Family 2007
Brochure 2: The Migrant Family 2007

Many peoples – a common home
is intended as a co-ordinated and shared response to the phenomenon of migration. It is aimed at FMA communities, educating communities, the Salesian Family. It arises within the context of the FMA GCXX which underlines that the key to a new type of society is having differences living alongside of each other. It becomes ‘ an action of evangelical citizenship’ within the overall stance of the GC XXI. ‘ It is not just a question of going towards but of welcoming. Not just a matter of going out and emigrating but also of making way and providing hospitality’ (Mother General, 7 September 2002)
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The idea The Idea: Project of Missionary Spirituality Southern Cone of South America. From 20th – 28th April 2002 Mother Antonia Colombo visited the first missionary communities of the southern tip of Chile. It gave rise to the desire that every FMA should be able to live that experience. The interprovincial conference of the southern cone of Latin America (CICSAL) welcomed the idea of launching a project of missionary spirituality in those places.
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