Missions - Purpose

“… All these devoted themselves with one accord to pray, together with some women and Mary, the mother of Jesus...”  (Acts 1, 14)

“… The Spirit transformed them from fearful men into ardent missionaries who, full of courage, brought the happy proclamation of  the Risen Christ for the ways of the world.”
(Acts  XXII p.32, n. 33)

  • How are we to promote the dignity of the least, the weakest and most fragile, in
       environments that are permeated with the vision of persons who are individualistic
       and have a consumer mentality that tends to level cultures,and  differences and
       favors the rise to a new racism
  • How are we to live the Da Mihi Animas Cetera Tolle in educational/missionary
       frontiers also resulting from the phenomenon of human mobility and migration?
  • How are we to witness to and proclaim Jesus, Life for all, in contexts or situations
       that are strongly secularized and /or where they give rise to new religious


    • Re-creating a new missionary consciouness which is shared in every wider community.


    • Intensifying and accompanying the processes of inculturation of the Gospel and the charism in view of integral dialogue (the poor/culture/ religions) above all in areas of first evangelisation.
    • Encouraging and promoting an intercultural mentality which is open to the challenges posed by the phenomenon of migration.
    • Intensifying the process of sensitisation/ awareness of ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.
    • Accustoming ourselves to study reality with others from the point of view of the believer in order to effect a new way of critical thinking in civil society.
    • Increasing our critical stand with regard to consumersim and social/cultural exclusion.


    • Re-activating the discernment process for those Sisters who feel called to the overseas missions either for life or for a given period.
    • Accompanying and facilitating the co-ordination of missionary groups in conjunction with the Sector for Youth Ministry.
    • Cultivating a mentality of unconditional giving and co-responsibility: missionary co-operation


    • Increasing the overseas missions within the Institute.
    • Within the current missionary presences, strengthening the awareness of the Church’s mission to all peoples.

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