Educomunication What is it?
When we speak about educational communication we mean the whole communicative process that occurs in whatever form of education, that is, interpersonal or group communication, communication in an organisation, within a mass of people, when there is the aim of creating environmentally friendly educational systems. The image of environmentally friendly systems recalls the pedagogy of the environment, which is charactistically Salesian, and the style of co-ordination

Meeting places where news and ideas are exchanged are increasingly places dependent on the media: from the TV screen to internet websites, our relationships with others, our very experience of reality and of ourselves are prompted by the means of comunication. If we want to move around with ease in this continually evolving scenario we have to make sure that every educational intervention has its element of communication allowing us to pass on the message. In the same way, every communication needs an educational element to ensure that values are transmitted.

Social communications have been described as culture’s ecological system. ‘Educommunication’ in its turn, aims at producing educational ecosystems, that is, it hopes to create a pedagogy of the environment which should characterise families, schools, youth centres and institutions. Four specific areas have been identified for activating communication processes in education: education in communicating; media technology; self-expression and art; communication aimed at citizenship.

Educators, parents, social workers, pastoral workers, everybody that is who wishes to be involved in communication processes. They are subjects of educational communication. It is never a question of a single person but of an entire community that decides to learn to work as a team, respecting differences, valuing experiences and mistakes as well, animating projects aimed at social transformation

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