Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us
What shall we communicate? How shall we communicate? These are our objectives

  • Strengthening the sense of belonging and unity within the Institute
  • Making known the mission of the Institute
  • Offering clear and complete information
And these are our criteria:
  • Educational (we are always concerned about the wholeness of the person)
  • Charismatic (in the footsteps of our founders, commincators pare excellence)
  • Ordinary language (simple and accessible)

Becoming interactive in the exchange of news
Do we communicate all that we have seen and heard and touched with our own hands? If we want to enjoy a greater circulation of knowledge of our life and works throughout the world, it is good to be able more and more to spread our good news. Here are a few simple pointers to help you send us your news.


A complete news item will usually contain all these five points, that is, when dealing with a fact, it allows the reader to know:
  • who was the main person involved (subject of the news item)
  • what happened (object of the news item)
  • where did it happen (place or environment of the item)
  • when did it happen (day, month, year)
  • the cause of the event (the reason behind the news item)
There is another element to be added; it’s the HOW. A fact often changes due to ‘how’ it has been verified.
Naturally news accompanied by photographs follow the same criteria.
News may be sent ot the following address:

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