Historical Profile

Background Concern for the economic dimension, in its broadest sense, was present in Don Bosco and Mary Domenica Mazzarello right from the beginning of the Institute. It was seen in the exercise of active citizenship, in an historical context marked by poverty and in the consequent educational choice in favour of poor young people. It has been a vision of the economy, depending on the times and contexts, which has always managed to match up concern for the individual person with the good of civil and religious society, enterprise with ethical choices both in day-to-day dealings and future ones.
From this standpoint the service offered by the Bursar General’s office has always sought to join pratical indications at the level of administration and accounting with proposals for reflection and understanding of reality in order to live, of dependence and belonging to the Institute and to the Church in its diverse and complex world wide reality.
The Sector for Administration was set up in its present form in 1990, beginning with the XIX GC and carries out its animation in close interdependence on the other Sectors.

Convinced that economy impacts on both life and education, the Sector for administration is committed in fidelity to the charism and in dialogue with civil and religious institutions

  • to build up a new vision of economy based on an anthropology that puts the person at the centre and fosters his/her dignity and creativity and capacity to work with/for others;

  • at the level of education, to encourage the passage from receiving assistance to participation and shared communion;

  • to raise awareness and take up positions against the causes of poverty and marginalisation by promoting a non-competitive and non-capitalist economy but one which is fair and has social concern;

  • through provincial animation, to stimulate both at personal and community levels, choices in daily life which are austere, moderate, poor, simple and essential.

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