Feast of Gratitude

«I entrust them to you»

«Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free»

Bellflower, California, in the Province of Mary Immaculate (SUO). 26 April 2019

Sr. Chiara Cazzuola: Letter for the Feast of Gratitude 2019

Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2018: By living the response to God’s call with joy and hope, we re-awaken the plan of God in every young person.2018
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2017: With an Oratorian heart in the educating community, with daring we bring the Joy of the Gospel to the young2017
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2016: As a wreath, united in diversity, let us intertwine with joy and hope the offer of life and mission2016
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2015: Grow and flourish with the young where God wants us.2015
Feast of Gratitude 2014: The thank you which represents the entire province. 2014
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2014: The wind of your Spirit makes us fruitful2014
Feast of Gratitude 2013: In preparation for the Feast of Gratitude it is suggested to discuss and share on the following... 2013
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2013: Together in Faith Towards Fullness of Life2013
Feast of Gratitude 2012: What was the power that guided and supported our Sisters? 2012
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2012: A charism of hope for the world!2012
Feast of Gratitude 2011: A letter from Mother Mazzarello2011
Dossier Feast of Gratitude 2011: “Have courage, the light still shines!”2011
Feast of Gratitude 2010: “Reconciled and unified by Love we proclaim Jesus to the young”2010
Cronaca della Festa del Grazie 20092009
Feast of Gratitude 2009: “...I have become all things to all people...”2009

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