Salesian Family

Famiglia Salesiana

The Councillor for the Salesian Family is Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda. Her responsibilities are:
* to animate and coordinate the varied units of the Salesian Family Sector to keep in contact and to network with the various groups of the
* Salesian Family in order to render the feminine and Marian contribution which have their origin from the Institute.

The Composition of the Salesian Family Sector

The Sector is coordinated by the General Councillor for the Salesian Family. Collaborating with her are the following:

Sr. Patiño Gabriela, FMA Delegate for the World Confederation of FMA Past Pupils; represents the Institute in the animation and formative accompaniment of the Association of Past Pupils; keeps in contact with the delegates of the federation and provides guidelines for carrying out their responsibilities; promotes the valuing of the resources of the laity and takes care of the reciprocal relationships between the association and the FMA Institute

Sr. Sandigo Leslye, FMA Delegate for the Association of Salesian Cooperators (SSCC), Councillor and Executive Secretary at the world level; responsible for the Salesian apostolic formation of the delegates and the cooperators

Marian Animation:
Sr. Sandigo Leslye:

Further references and information:

Salesian Cooperators Association (SSCC):
Association of Mary Help of Christians (ADMA):
Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) Salesian Family:
Data Bank: Ambito Famiglia Salesiana


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