Social communication

Social communications The Social Communications Sector (SC) is committed to proposing to the educating communities, especially those of the FMA, reflections, and guidelines relative to our “being there” in the society of communications; in connection with the civil, ecclesiastical, educational realities interested in Social Communications.

The Sector acts as an organization attentive to the incidence of the communications phenomenon in the various cultures and coordinates the production of teaching aids and publications for the knowledge of the Institute and for animation on the formative, pastoral and missionary levels.

Since 2014 the Sector has been entrusted to the animation of Sr. Maria Helena Moreira who works together with a team of collaborators:

  • Sr. Arciniegas Julia (Management of the Website Data Bank)
  • Sr. Imperatore Gabriella (Editor of the News for the Website and the Da Mihi Animas Magazine)
  • Sr. Mollo Rosa (External consultant for Educommunication)
  • Sr. Clara Vu (Website Administrator)

Other components of the team work in close interaction with a group of long distance collaborators, in particular for the editorial work of DMA which has as its aim the formation of the FMA and the translation into different languages.

The Social Communications Sector (SC) has as its general objective for the six year period 2015-2020:

To live pastoral conversion
with the prophetic impetus of being with the young,
a community that reaches out,
witnesses and proclaims Jesus with hope and joy

These aspects are included in the objective:

  • To promote the formation to “encounter/meeting” and to fraternal relationship focusing on some specific elements of interpersonal communication;
  • together with the young, to build a home from an "oratorian heart" , comunicative ambients that express the charismatic identity;
  • to strengthen networking mentality and synergy with other agencies, institutions, and entities committed to education and evangelization of the young.

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