Let us radiate the Love of God

For the feast of St. Francis de Sales you can find a connection to the first article of our  Constitutions: “We Daughters of Mary Help of Christians give our life to God, becoming for young girls  the sign and expression of His all-foreseeing love.”
Here are a few quotes that were very dear to St. Francis de Sales:

- “As soon as a man begins to attentively think of divine things, he feels a certain sweet emotion in his heart that manifests that God is the God of the human heart” (Treatise on the Love of God Book 1, Chapter XV)
- “The heart of God has such an abundance of love that all can possess it.”
- “All for love and nothing by force.”
- “The sun looks down no less upon a rose  alone with a thousand million other flowers than if it shone upon the rose alone.  God pours His love in no less measure into one soul, even though He loves an infinity of others along with it, than if he loved that soul alone.  The power of his dilection does not decrease because of the many rays it spreads abroad, but always remains filled completely with his immensity.” (Treatise on  the Love of God, Book X Chapter XIV)

Francis de Sales puts love at the heart of everything.  Love is at the origin of all.  It is the plan of salvation that God has for each of us.  Love gives direction and guidance to our life.  Love is essentially a relationship between persons.  Every person is born from love.  Creating us, God pronounced us.  We are a “spoken word” of God, according to his idea, his desire, his love.
At the beginning of this year 2010, let us allow ourselves to radiate this Love of God, to propagate it and spread it around us. 

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