Our presences started with the launching of Project Africa, an act of faith which proved to be a prophetic one! Just over three years ago, another act of faith multiplied the AFE Province and we were born as Pre- Province AES.  At that time we were two very different countries, today we are present in three countries.  The first sisters who began our presences in Ethiopia and Sudan went through difficult times, famine, war but they persevered and were of great support to the local people who are were grateful.
 Today the challenges continue to be many: the Islamic influence not only in Sudan but also in South Sudan and in Ethiopia; the instability of the governments and their attitude towards the Catholic Church, the misery of the people and the lack of infrastructures (schools, hospitals etc…) for their good, the insecurity of the young people and their foggy future. These are only few of the challenges we face that affect our life and our mission but we believe that the Lord is present in human history and that our efforts are not lost.
We believe that courage and a positive outlook of the reality will help us to face what lays ahead. The words, though important,  will only have a little relevance in our apostolate because our life and our choices will always shout louder than them. Mutual acceptance of differences, empowerment of the weakest in the society and witness of real love among us are old challenges but they remain the most powerful ones.