1. How the seed of faith sown in your land yesterday?
During the 1st century in India the apostle of JESUS St. Thomas sowed the seed of faith .Later became stronger through the missionaries who spread Christianity in different parts of India. Eg: St. Francis Xavier, St. John D’Brito and St. Gonzalo Garcia.

• Though Indians were already deeply rooted in strong religious beliefs, Christianity was not able to spread in all parts of India.
• Later Indians themselves became missionaries who gave their life in order to spread the faith in the interior part of the land and became the martyrs of Christian faith.

2. What are the challenges that you encounter to live the life of faith in community and mission today?
In community level:
• To live the real Gospel values.
• The Spirit of Forgiveness.
• Acceptance of persons and situations.
Mission level:
• To live what we preach.
• Witnessing to our Christian faith.
• More zeal and enthusiasm.
3. What are the new ways of evangelization for tomorrow?
• Make Christ known to all through the modern technologies and mass media.
• Make opportunities to speak about Christ and Christianity to the people of other faith.
• Make Christ known through music, art, painting and movies.
• Make Christ known through dramatizing Gospel Parables.


Don Bosco Yuva Kendra, Gomesali, Nirmal
The seed of faith sown in your land – Yesterday
Faith was brought to the Indian Land from the time of the apostles. St. Thomas the apostle came to India and later on the missionaries St. Francis Xavier and the others brought faith to India.
The history of the journey of Christianity in Vasai can be traced from the apostle Bartholomew. The first church of the Latin Rite was established in Vasai fort in 1536 when the fort was erected in Vasai. The following year the Franciscans put up a magnificent church in the neighbourhood dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua in 1549, the Jesuits put up a church of the Holy Name of Jesus in the same area. Today Christianity is flourishing in this region and has remarkable number of Christian families very devoted to God and very committed to humanity.
In our Salesian Family and in our Land in particular the seed of the Salesian Charism was brought and sown with great commitment and dedication.
2a) The challenges that you encounter to live the faith in community and mission - Today
The challenges that we encounter to live the faith in community are:
Earlier the spirit of faith was a lived reality in our communities. Now the spirit of freedom tends to weaken the spirit of faith. There is not much genuine witness of life of faith.
b) In the mission - the faith life is gone down in families, the children are carried away with the attraction of the modern world and very little time is given to faith formation. Lack of personnel and time and language also is a challenge
3) The new ways of evangelization – tomorrow
Meeting the young wherever they are for example in the super markets, Making use of modern technology to spread the good news, Production of the new creative resource material for use in our schools,
Respect for all religions – welcoming the rays of truth present in other religions and announcing Jesus Christ whenever possible


Community of Auxilium Wadala Mumbai, INDIA (INB)

Our Reflections are:

Ø The seed of faith sown in our land – YESTERDAY

The faith came to us through St. Bartholomew in Vasai

Through St. Francis Xavier in Goa and Karnataka

Through the British and the Portuguese

Through our own missionaries

Our parents and elders

Our local parishes – catechesis

Our Catholic Schools

Ø The challenges we encounter to live the faith in community – TODAY

Our failure to accept the difficulties of each day

Lack of acceptance of differences

Too much reasoning

Egoistic attitudes

Mistrust of each other

Poor communication

Prayer life not deep enough

Insufficient faith in The Word of God and the Sacraments

The challenges we encounter to live the faith in our mission – today

Disorientation in their lives

Peer pressure

Negative impact of Media – Internet, TV, other modern gadgets, etc.

Spiritual, moral, physical poverty, suffering, brokenness

Relativism, too much of pleasure seeking

Broken homes – no genuine role models at home and in society

Ø The new ways of evangelization – TOMORROW

Through our personal and community reading, sharing reflection and study on ‘Porta Fidei’

‘The strenna, Mother General’s circular, group sharing of Lectio Divina we will:

Evangelise ourselves to a better reading and reflection on the Word of God

Be more friendly in our approach to each other and the young

Continue visiting their homes

Educate ourselves and the young to a positive use of the Media

Make our Catechesis more relevant

Be acquainted with their language

Offer them occasions for leadership and outreach – group experiences/collaboration


Aulium Convent, Pati Hill, Bandra


INB – Mazzarello Youth Welfare Centre, Wadala, Mumbai.
1. The Seed of Faith Sown in our Land Yesterday:
• India – the birthland of many Religions was open to receive the Faith Movement begun by Christ. The first seed of Faith sown by “St.Thomas” rightly called the Apostle of India. Many others followed like St. John D’Britto, St. Francis Xavier, St. Gonsalo Garcia, Frs. Agnel, Kuriakose, Joseph Vaz, Mother Teresa and our first missionaries. They all sowed the seed of Faith by their very lives, their witness, even in the face of persecution and rejection. They burned with love for Jesus, some to the point of shedding their blood.
• They acculturated themselves, adopted Indian dress, customs and lifestyle, learnt Indian languages and translated the Bible in many Indian languages. In Gujarat,e.g.”Katha” shows people know the Scriptural texts, sayings of Jesus andBible stories through dance and song.
• They adjusted to our climate, food, etc. even staying in jungle environments and had a daring spirit, laying a strong foundation of Faith.
• Through them people experienced God’s intervention and also miracles, thus people’s Faith was strengthened.

2. The Challenges we encounter to the Faith-Life in the Community and Mission Today:
• Our witness is shallow – we go daily for Mass, Prayer, etc but our living is not an overflow of our Faith. Routine and rigidity kills the spirit. We are often given to activism and Contemplative life is a challenge for us.
• We take Mission more as work rather than Evangelization through work. We do so much of Work, but speaking God’s Word does not come spontaneously to us.
• Fear and doubt arise when we carry out our mission in regions sensitive to conversion.
• Traditional Christians are sometimes not strongly rooted in Christ. Living in non Christian surroundings people sometimes give in to non Christian practices as well.
• We don’t easily accept suffering and inconveniences rather we blame others.

3. New Ways of Evangelization Tomorrow:
• Our life of Witness – “Go and Preach, Preach with your life, if necessary use words” (Francis of Assisi endorsed by Pope Francis).
• Use new technology - Face Book, Twitter, SMS, Social Network, Music ministry- to spread God’s message especially to young people today.
• Re-evangelization is necessary and urgent today as Christians are becoming lax and unprepared mixed marriages are posing a great threat to Faith.


The seed of faith sown in your land – Yesterday

Sisters were self-sacrificing. Left their homeland, comfort zones and reached out in loving service. Evangelization was their main goal. Our first missionaries and Pioneers portray great faith in God and abandonment to Divine Providence. Their zeal, hard work and selfless service have paved the way for us – our mission. They lived a witnessing life which needed very less preaching. They were full of Jesus; more spiritual and holiness was seen in all their ways. Love of Christ was the strongest factor in their lives.

The challenges that you encounter to life the faith in community and mission – Today

More of individualism has crept in and no one wants to be submissive today. The ‘caring and sharing’ attitude in community is declining. Due to work-load and modern technologies, our prayer-life has become shallow which is affecting our faith in God. Most religious in today’s age seek a comfortable life and shirk sacrifices easily. At times, there is lack of convictions due to which one can easily lose track of the ultimate and true goal of Religious life. The elderly Religious feel incompetent due to lack of computer knowledge and also lagging behind in other modern technology. Also, in today’s age for example not being dependent on mobile phones is an inspiration for youngsters who are totally dependent on such gadgets. Even in today’s age there are Religious who live exemplary and authentic lives giving the love of Jesus to everyone.

The new ways of evangelization – Tomorrow

Leading an exemplary life and always keeping Jesus as our centre and falling back to the Gospel values. Using Face book, twitter and even messages (SMS texting) use all new technologies to get in touch with the youth and evangelize them through an uplifting word, an encouraging Gospel reflection etc.

Sr. Rosaline Rejina Pereira
Auxilium Youth Animation Centre
Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco
Post-Vaki Dahanu Road(E)
Dist-THANE 401602



We welcomed wholeheartedly the proposal for the feast of Gratitude to Mother Yvonne Reungoat “Together in Faith towards fullness of life” and raised our hearts in praise and thanks to the Risen Lord for her unique gift to the Institute, asking Him to bless her each day abundantly. Thus we began our spiritual journey in preparation for the feast of Gratitude.

1. Seed of Faith sown in our soil - YESTERDAY

We as a community read and reflected on Christianity in India. The study on the Apostolic Origin of Indian Christianity takes us back to St. Thomas, one of the twelve chosen disciples of Jesus. According to tradition, the apostle landed in Kerala around the middle of the first century of the Christian era and founded Christian communities at several places. Then he traveled to the eastern parts of the country as far as Mylapore and perhaps even beyond, as far as China. On returning to Kerala, he appointed some of his converts as leaders of the communities that he had founded earlier. Proceeding once again to the eastern parts of South India, he was killed somewhere near Mylapore and buried in that town in 72. A.D.

From 16th to 18th century the Church in India was very much influenced by the presence and activities of the Portuguese. They were interested in the spread of Christianity. The Goan territories were almost completely Christianized by the middle of the 17th century. About half of the population of Bassein (Vasai) and its dependencies, including Bombay Island, was Christian by the end of the same period. St. Francis Xavier played an important role in catechizing thousands of people who were baptized (16th century). The work of catechizing was successfully continued by other Jesuits like Fr. Henry Henriques. While the Portuguese had much or at least some influence on coastal areas, in the interior parts of the country, the power of Portugal counted far too little. Hence the missionaries who went there had to devise new methods of evangelization. The most successful innovator was Fr. Robert de Nobili. The work of the missionaries brought many new people into the church in different parts of India.

Blessed Joseph Vaz is one of the greatest missionary Asia has produced. He was born at Benaulim, Goa, in 1651, ordained priest at Old Goa in 1676 and died at Kandy in Sri Lanka in 1711. The 36 years of his priestly life spent in Goa, Kanara and Sri Lanka make of him a missionary par excellence. Fr. Vaz with his Oratorian priests boldly planted the seeds of faith in the native culture and allowed it to sprout into an inculturated native Church.

The Protestants started evangelization work in India in the 18th century. In the 19th-20th century Jacobite Church was established. The last decades of the 18th century and early 19th century were a period of decline for the Catholic Church in India. The Holy See began to establish some vicariates apostolic in India from 1832 onwards. From the middle of the 19th century the Holy See began to send various religious congregations and missionary institutes to India to take up the work of evangelization in different parts of the country.


2. Challenges we encounter in living the faith in the community and the mission - TODAY

* Fear of speaking openly and living of Christian faith in a multi-religious country like ours.
* People of other faiths do believe in Christ but for fear of their families, they do not proclaim it publicly.
* Today faith has been diminishing in families due to various reasons, such as: rapid progress in the world, Media influence.
* Inter-faith marriages make it difficult (we do not know where to direct their children)
* We are not flexible to reach out to people in rural or urban areas
* Proper catechesis missed out especially in villages.
* Priests are not faithful to their duties, therefore many embrace other denominations of faith.
* We as religious need to grow in faith.

3. New ways for a evangelization - TOMORROW

- Strengthening of Family Visits
- Use of media/new technology for the evangelization
- Adult Catechesis
- To be more active in parish ministry
- Training laity to be catechists
- Training laity in Theology and Scripture for evangelization
- Social ministry must be truly a means of evangelization.

As we pray for an increase of Faith, we wish our beloved La Madre and each of you dear Sisters a very happy feast of Gratitude!


Province: INB
Community: Auxilium Convent Baroda
Sate: Gujarat
Note: We the community of Auxilium Baroda – Gujarat wish our Mother General A very Happy Feast of Gratitude. Thank you for being our mentor and guide. May God bless you with good health and happiness.

• The seed of faith sown in your land – yesterday
Our missionaries, saintly people, ancestors, forefathers and parents had solid faith and they were able to transmit it by the witness of their life.

 The faith that was sown in our land was life giving and witnessing one.
 They were courageous to bear witness to Christ and were ever ready to offer themselves in all adversities at the service of the people,
 they were Christ centered and committed for a cause
 They were loyal to the church and its mission.
 They put on the nature of Jesus and proclaimed Him through their lives.

• The challenges that you encounter to live the faith in community and mission – today

 Lack of conviction, witness and commitment, diversion of our goals.
 Wavering (shallow) faith and lack of personal encounter with Jesus and our failure to surrender to God’s will
 We try to control events by our own skill and work out the way we think best and fail to let Jesus work through us.
 At times we depict Jesus according to our thinking and mindset as a result we fail to communicate Him.

• The new ways of evangelization – tomorrow

 We should have strong ecclesial commitment to new evangelization in order to rediscover the joy of believing and the enthusiasm for communicating faith.
 We need to strengthen our commitment and stand for God through the witness of our lives
 We have to put on the attitude and nature of Jesus if we wish to give Him to others.
 Our faith should be based on our personal experience of our faithfulness to God’s call for a greater commitment.
 We need to use the modern means of communication to make Jesus to the younger generation.


As spiritual preparation for the feast of gratitude, the following initiatives were taken up by the community.

 Recalled the first expedition of Six missionaries to India, Tanjavur
( as a seed soon in our land Yesterday).

 Comparative Study was made of the challenges that our first group of sisters had to face, and the challenges that we face (today). As a support we did study and share article 7 and 9 from “Porta Fedei”, The Door of Faith.

 New ways evangelization - Tomorrow

Article 13, reading and sharing from the book of “ The Door of Faith”. It has helped us to reflect and rediscover our faith as it has handed down to us right from the beginning of our salvation history, and how we are called to respond in new ways of evangelization as per the times using new method technology .
Auxilium convent - Nandgad


Our preparation for the World Gratitude Day Celebration

Bl. Eusebia Welfare Centre, MUNDHWA (Pune) (INB)

As soon as the letter of the Vicar General arrived, it was presented to the Community by the Animator, who stressed on the spiritual preparation of this feast of gratitude.

The Community made daily efforts to walk “Together in faith towards the fullness of life.” Witnessing, rediscovering and celebrating the gift of faith during Eastertide the preceeding Lenten season was also an opportunity to renew our lives in faith placing God at the center of our lives, making a reflection on the document “the door of faith”, becoming a blessing for our recipients and the people around and being convinced that our mission is always for the youngsters and people around. Animated by the spirit we tried to live commitment.

The theme of the feast of Gratitude was displayed on the notice board.

At the Goodnights sisters shared their reflection on the study of the faith sown in our native places yesterday, e g. We recalled great missionaries like, St. Francis, St. John de Britto, the Jesuit missionaries and how they handed the faith to our forefathers who in turn passed it down generation intact. Some sisters shared the miracles that take place in faith even today in their home towns through the Cross, apparitions and devotions.

Challenges are there in Community and the mission but the Sisters who have faith and zeal for the mission it has been possible to overcome difficulties. Others are making their journey.

The New ways of evangelization for tomorrow we realize is to proclaim more with our lives than words. Dare and hoping for the homes of non – Christian brethren in the neighbourhood. Extending our services to all irrespective of cast or creed.

We prayed daily for our beloved Mother General and her Counselors in set forms and spontaneous prayers. The Morning Prayer of one day was dedicated for the world day of Gratitude with particular reference to Mother General, praising and thanking God for the tangible sign of God’s love through her presence which enables us to see that we are constantly accompanied in our journey of consecrated life and the mission.

An adoration was held in thanksgiving for all that Mother Yvonne Reungoat is and does for the Institute. We also prayed in thanksgiving for the 90 years of FMA presence in India, and for the FMA presence who brought Don Bosco’s charism of our land. Excerpts from Mother General’s Circular letter were read where she exhorts us to walk in faith in Communities and Mission. The written invitation from the Chennai Province will help us to follow the day to day programme of the World feast of Gratitude. We thank God for the faith we have received and thank Mother for keeping us alive in faith through her Circulars and recommendation.


St. Joseph Training Centre, INB
Beloved Mother General,
We wish you a very Happy Feast and we are happy to have in our Mother Land, India. The reflection proposed by the INM sisters helped us to deepen our faith. How we wish to be close to you but we are united with you in spirit and in prayer.

• The seed of faith sown in your land – yesterday
We read the lives of the Saints especially St. Thomas the Apostle, St. John de Britto, St. Francis Xavier who brought the faith to India especially to the difficult part of South where there were staunch Brahmins and the kings who ruled Southern part of India made it difficult to proclaim Christ yet nothing deterred them from doing so.
Reading and reflecting the lives of our first six Sisters who brought faith along with our charism to India were also an inspiration to people of other faiths which challenged us to be like them.
• The challenges that you encounter to live the faith in community and mission – today
Lack of trust in God, Shallow faith, Lack of determination to go ahead, lack of openness to the inspirations of the Spirit, Fear of being accepted by the people of other faiths.
• The new ways of evangelization - tomorrow
By being courageous witnesses of Christ, by making known the Person of Christ in our value education classes, saying no to violence, through media, inter religious dialogue.


The seed of faith sown in your land-Yesterday .
- Through our preventive system , talking about gospel the value through family visits, schools, our life witness. It gave the courage to increase our faith.
The challenges that you encounter to life the faith in community and mission.
- Though we come from different culture we have one faith. And we belong to one family. Even though ther are shades and lights it unites us and because of unity in the community we go out to proclaim in mission in our mind and heart.
The new ways of evengelisation- tomorrow.
- We must be ready to adopt the culture of the people.


Yesterday the seed of faith sown
• We began with the prayer moment invoking God’s blessings on our Mother General and on the Institute.

• The seed of faith sown in India by the Apostles St. Thomas and St Francis Xavier was read reflected – this helped us to increase and live our faith more intensively.

• The six sisters who brought the salesian charism and sowed the seed of faith in our Mother land India were given priority during the days of preparation. Their life was read shared during spiritual reading and goodnights. At our community gatherings they were spoken about and sisters who lived with them brought alive their sweet memories and the zeal with which they worked for the poorest young Indians.

Challenges of today
• New technologies
• Shallow relationships in the community
• Communication gap
• Consumerism
• Comfort seeker.

• New ways of Evangelization

• Face book- proclaiming Word of God
• SMS through the cell phone
• Twitter
• Music ministry(Gospel Band)
The Notice board was displayed by the theme and logo of the Feast with the words THANK YOU LA MADRE
Daily prayer moments helped us to deepen the theme of the feast.


Dearest Rev. Mother General,
Gratitude is the music of the heart and here we are at Rambamboli Oras Kudal from the state of Maharashtra come to greet you in a very special way Benvenunta- Welcome to our Mother Land India.
*Past -Today we lift up in praise and thanksgiving our Pioneers who with the light of Faith, eyes, feet, hands and a large heart stepped on Indian Soil, proclaimed, preached and provoked God’s LOVE by their very lives not barring the heat, hunger, fatigue, thirst etc , infact the entire educating Community together with the predilected portion of our society our youth enjoy the fruits of their labour.
**Present -It is the faith that ignites us today to live the challenges of life in our present situation, for our people here are Catholics but fail to see the light of Faith that was given to them freely by God and man, today man cannot acquire it with his own power. When we go to church or visit the families we ought to wear spectacles of faith, In Community we can virtually see the presence of our Lord at the alter making the sacrifice at Calvary. But the one who does not have the light of faith, will fail to see and understand anything that is divine.
**illiteracy in the area of faith life, loss of credibility of religious life at individual and community level
**fragility and weakness of the Church community at times amplified and made more evident by the media
**Humanity is living through the crisis of faith not only at this area but also at the cultural level.
**We live in a technological digital world of visuals’ symbols and few words, we lack understanding, space to grow, freedom to use the means available due to poverty.
****Future-Our whole life must be good news, not as an individual but as a community.
****priority to educational commitment, relationship and trust is highly esteemed
**** fraternity is a legible sign that the world can understand instantly, therefore we ought to give particular attention to the families of our younger generation, forgiveness and prayer life through Catechesis and the sacraments are very important for evangelization
We as a community live the fullness of life with all our dear little ones, Students from the community college and Ministry Of Rural Development (MoRD) Students from Below Poverty Level (B.P.L ) friends and neighbors. We did share with our life of prayer and works, bearing witness to our religious and Salesian calling.
Thanks a million for your great and wonderful presence in our Mother Land INDIA.
Assurance of love and constant prayers.
Sr.Tersa Plathara and community
Auxilium Girl’s Promotion Centre,INB –Province
Talukal Kudal District Sindhudurg,

During our preparation for the World Day of Gratitude we were reminded of the theme and the three points that follow in our liturgical animations and also through the Good night talks. The notice board highlighted the theme.

During our discussions we shared the following:

The seed of faith sown in our land ‘Yesterday’
After the Portuguese Conquest of Goa in 1510 and its subsequent occupation by Portugal, Goa's indigenous population underwent a large scale conversion to Christianity. St. Francis Xavier was the one who was most influential in the spreading and upkeep of Catholicism in our Goan land. There were other missionaries besides him.

Challenges we encounter in living our faith in community and mission ‘today’
In community:
- inability to see the presence of Christ in each other.
- difficulty in relating because of generation gap
- lack of genuine relationships due to little communication and dialogue.

In mission
- difficulty in convincing the students of other faiths of Gospel values due to their family situations and backgrounds
- patience and understanding towards the students because of their family backgrounds
The new ways of Evangelization ‘tomorrow’
- striving to be a living sign of the presence of Christ in the world
- deepening the study of the CCC and use of modern technologies, the internet etc.
- our efforts to live according to the signs of the times
- regular family visits and the breaking of the word.

Community of Auxilium, CARANZALEM, GOA, INDIA


Auxilium-Carona (INB)

As a preparation on the personal and community level study, reflection and sharing was done:
-The seed of faith sown in your land- Yesterday.
We read the first volume of “The Diamond Years” and also “ the beacons of light” during Good Night we shared the life history of our six daring pioneers who came to India. They were full of passion for God and souls. Enthusiasts, evangelizers and faith- sharers. They had a great spirit of sacrifice and obedience and that is why God worked miracles through their instrumentality. Today we can proudly boast of the big salesian family in India because the seed sown by the hard work of six missionaries have become a giant tree spreading its branches all over India. Thanks to them and praise to God.
Today-Challenges – in communities: lack of conviction, worldly attitude, lack of sacrifice and mortification, seeking comfort zone, lack of prayer life, self-sufficient attitudes, all this makes difficult to live a faith filled life.
In mission: Too many groups in the church, lack of attention to faith formation, shallow faith in families, too many worldly attractions, self –reliant, very little authenticity. Mass Media dominates life.
. The new ways of evangelization – tomorrow: witnessing life Facebook, screen savers, sms quotes on bible, flash cards, tweeter, youtube, bible, Biblical Advertisements Power – points, video clippings, movies, parables enactments, action songs, street plays, dramas, hoardings, etc.
This is a short report shared by Auxilium, Carona, community.


Seed of Faith sown in your soil yesterday:
We believe that the seed of faith was sown by the Apostle St. Thomas. Later on Roman Catholicism was brought to India by Portuguese, Italian and Irish Jesuits for example St. Francis Xavier in the coastal area.
Christianity is India’s third largest religion with approximately 24 million followers, constituting 2.3 percent of India’s population. Christians are found all across India and in all walks of life, with major populations in parts of South India, the Konkan Coast and North-East.
Our families were imbued by prayer, simple living based on gospel truths and the concern to pass on the faith to the younger generations. The personal sharing reveals the persistent follow up by grandparents in most of the families to the extent that Sunday was kept as a holy day with the entire rosary prayed, Eucharistic celebration and catechesis, sharing of the homily at home and visiting sick neighbours/ relatives on a Sunday. Parents took it up as a serious responsibility to see that Sunday catechesis and checking out the sermon was done. The Parish priests and the other priests also formed a part of the family and active involvement through SCC, various associations like youth group, Liturgy cell, Legion of Mary, etc helped in living the faith then and now. Mary was a part of every family. The rosary and recourse to Mary in any need was inculcated by almost every family. We also learnt our faith through various personal God experience from the daily events, reading and studying of the Holy Bible, books of Saints, persons who lived and die for faith and by attending the sacraments especially baptism, confirmation, Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist. Witness of upright Christian living in the family made a strong impact on our lives.
Challenges encountered in living the faith in the community and the mission today:
Pessimistic attitude, materialistic lifestyle and individualism in the present society be it in the religious community or life lived in families is a major challenge. Fundamentalistic attitude of spreading faith gets backfired. Extra coaching classes/ self-development courses on Sundays and other days have taken away the importance of attending Sunday Catechesis and involvement in the Church activities / daily recital of the rosary / Bible reading and parental pressure is almost negligible in pursuing the faith opportunities offered by the School and the Church. Less importance is given to values and vital prayer in particular.

New ways for evangelization tomorrow:
As today the electronic media like computer, via e-mail, internet, mobile etc. the world has become a village and the individuals are influenced by the media totally. Therefore the evangelization can be done through media education and media communication. Witness of life is a time-tested means of evangelization for any age. Active involvement of religious in Catechesis taught in School and regular family visits will enhance faith life.


St. Joseph Training Centre, INB
Beloved Mother General,
We wish you a very Happy Feast and we are happy to have in our Mother Land, India. The reflection proposed by the INM sisters helped us to deepen our faith. How we wish to be close to you but we are united with you in spirit and in prayer.

• The seed of faith sown in your land – yesterday
We read the lives of the Saints especially St. Thomas the Apostle, St. John de Britto, St. Francis Xavier who brought the faith to India especially to the difficult part of South where there were staunch Brahmins and the kings who ruled Southern part of India made it difficult to proclaim Christ yet nothing deterred them from doing so.
Reading and reflecting the lives of our first six Sisters who brought faith along with our charism to India were also an inspiration to people of other faiths which challenged us to be like them.
• The challenges that you encounter to live the faith in community and mission – today
Lack of trust in God, Shallow faith, Lack of determination to go ahead, lack of openness to the inspirations of the Spirit, Fear of being accepted by the people of other faiths.
• The new ways of evangelization - tomorrow
By being courageous witnesses of Christ, by making known the Person of Christ in our value education classes, saying no to violence, through media, inter religious dialogue.


Dearest Mother Yvonne,

We are happy to have you in our land and extend a Hearty welcome to you. Thank you very much for all the blessings you bring to us. Wish you a very Happy Feast !

Seeds of Faith sown in your soil (Yesterday)

* By reading and sharing about the lives of St Thomas the Apostle who sowed the seeds of Christianity in our land and nurtured it with his own blood as well as the other missionaries and martyrs who revived the faith of the early converts through the witness of their own lives,

* By reading and sharing about the lives of our pioneers and the other missionaries who dedicated their lives to Evangelizing through Education and Educating through Evangelizing,

* Through a pilgrimage to the tomb, basilica and mount of martyrdom of St Thomas the Apostle as well as to the Shrine of Our Lady of Vailankanni.

Challenges you encounter in living the faith in the Community and in the Mission (Today)

* Since we come from different family backgrounds, our faith level also differs. Hence some of us take the trials of life in a positive way while some of us easily get shaken up over little things.

* The worldly mentality hinders growth in faith

* In our mission we don’t feel free to share our Christian faith with our brothers and sisters of other faiths

* Different sects that are active and are coming up pose greater challenges in propagating our catholic faith.

New ways for an Evangelization (Tomorrow)

* First of all we need to allow ourselves to be evangelized

* Through the Witness of our own lives

* To be more organized in our family visits in order to make it a moment of implanting gospel values

* To make use of the media to evangelize

Auxilium Welfare Centre, Pune


Spiritual preparation for the feast of Mother General-2013

Dear Mother, Wishing you a very Happy Feast, We love you, We are with you.

Have an enjoyable stay in India.

Your Loving daughters

Mazzarello Kendra


Mumbai Province

Seed of Faith sown in your soil yesterday
We recalled our first pioneers who came to India in 1922 on Nov, 22nd. They have sown the real seed of faith, which today spread, alive and active in 6 provinces of india.
Read about their missionary expedition and we thank God for their greatest sacrifice
Our house was established in the year 1987, April 13th. We recalled and viewed 25 years of history of our own house together with our hostellers. We admire the pioneer’s hard work and toil, their enthusiasm, and making God known all around this place even now, people remember them with much reverence.
The Sisters who came all these years, lived witnessing life as fruit of their hard work we have 15 fma’s (sisters) 1 novice, 2 candidates in formation and 1 brother sdb in formation.
Challenges you encounter in living the faith in the Community and the mission today
As a community we need to understand the aim for which we have come and accept one another and live in love and union.
To put into practice new methods and expressions to encounter God and others.
• To re-discover the ways in which Jesus approached persons, His ways of thinking and acting.
• To make the local church a welcome home where all find their home to bearing witness to Christ.
The children and the young are the portion and cup. They feel at home with us in our educational setting. As our institute is in a growing stage basic needs have to be yet to fulfill.
We need to re-organize our educational setting.
People of the locality difficult to deal and understand.
The new ways of evangelization- tomorrow
We are thinking and dreaming the future of our Centre grows and reaches to some standard so that many more young people may get good education and all round formation to become honest citizens.
We have to give importance to the family apostolate prepare them for sacraments and try to deepen their faith.
Live witnessing religious life than shallow promises.
To live sincere loving relationship caring for one another
To give priority to the value based education especially to take care of the creative catechism.

Thank You Dear Mother for coming to India. Thank you for all that you are doing for the good of each one and for the growth of our Institute. We salute you today and always. You are in our prayers always.