We, the community of Our Lady of the Wayside, Finglas, Dublin (IRL), wish to share our reflections as we prepare to join our Sisters in Cennai Province in expressing our gratitude to Mother Yvonne and in prayer for her and for the whole Congregation.
Seeds of Faith
We reflected on the importance of the faith in the history of our Irish people, both those at home and those who left our shores as emigrants, bringing the faith with them to their new homelands.
We also appreciated how the seeds of faith were planted in our hearts by the simple but profound faith lives and example of our parents.
Our early Sisters in Fernbank built up the school and oratory on their faith and sacrifice and laid the foundations for the province we have today as well as forming many Christian mothers and nurturing numerous vocations for both the home and foreign missions.

Challenges to faith today
We live in a society in which faith is challenged in many ways: falling practice, scandals within the Church, anti-church bias in the media, indifference, reactions to perceived lack of justice in the Church and in society.
One of the biggest challenges we face as individuals is to profess our faith openly in spite of the negative climate in which we live.
It is also a major challenge to involve young people and parents in the faith and in rebuild trust among them.

New ways of Evangelising
We ourselves need to deepen our living “in the presence of God, trusting in his Fatherly love” (C. 38). We need to take small steps, reaching out to individuals, families and small groups who, even if at times not ‘practicing’, thirst for deeper spirituality.  Meditation, Scripture reflection and prayer, friendly presence and small group initiatives are all fruitful in this area. The occasions of the Sacraments of Christian Initiation, Marriage, Funerals, etc. can all offer fruitful opportunities for evangelization that touches daily life.
Especially when dealing with young people there is a need for great personal honesty and justice, a special effort to show the relevance of faith in daily life and a reaching out in Gospel love, without judgement.
Small practical initiatives are proving effective, such as opening our community oratory for First Friday adoration with our neighbours and a small group reflection held during Lent. 


Greeting for a very happy celebration of your feast with our Sisters in Chennai, India.
Your Sisters in our community in Hazelwood, Ireland have been united with our sisters all over the world during the past few weeks preparing at different levels for the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel on the 26th. We remembered you daily in our community Prayer and feel very much part of this world wide celebration of Gratitude. .
Our reflections on ‘Faith’.
- Its development in our country, challenges us today, both in community and ministry, to find new ways of evangelising for the future .
-It led us to experience a deep sense of gratitude for the faith brought to us by St. Patrick, and handed on to us by our parents. The faith of our parents was very alive and active in their lives, manifested through their love for the Eucharist, for Mary – the daily Rosary- , and an extraordinary sense of God’s presence in the circumstances of each day. The phrase ‘welcome be the holy will of God’ was readily on their lips, even in times of tragedy ...
- This faith was strengthened in the Congregation ...... and was shared in varying degrees by those we lived with in community and those we ministered to.
Today we face many challenges -- both in community and in Ministry, as we explore new ways of evangelising for the future ... We have begun our preparation for the coming General Chapter. The Chapter document provides a wealth of material for reflection which will form the basis of our community study/ reflection/sharing for the next while. As we reflect on our ‘FMA’ call today, we feel challenged not only to’ tell the Good News’ but to ‘be the Good News’! We are grateful to all who prepared the material …and we gladly walk this journey in communion with our sisters in the Irish province and the Congregation at large in preparation for Chapter.
Renewed greetings dear Mother Yvonne, for a beautiful celebration of your feast and we will be united with you in prayer-filled love and gratitude,
Your Sisters, N.S. del Rosaria, 28 Hazelwood Crescent, Dublin, IRL


Mother Yvonne, with hearts filled with gratitude we send you our feastday wishes. May Mary our Mother continue to guide and sustain you in your animation of our Congregration and as we prepare for the General Chapter.

We thank you for your inspiring and challenging letters. In this year of Faith we took up your challenge ' to be missionaries in faith, bringing seeds of life to the community and to the young' by reflecting and sharing on the Theme offered for your feast.

The Sisters, 34 Bracken Crescent, Limerick.Ireland