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What is it?
The FMA Data Bank is similar to a virtual library wherein are found texts that favor updating on aspects regarding the educative mission and the response to today's challenges.
It is a web of formative and cultural solidarity created by the FMA Institute for a reciprocal strengthening of resources.

What does it offer?
- Navigation through the various themes ending with a listing of the documents associated with a particular topic.
- Direct research of the documents using an engine that has been realized for this purpose.

How it works
Documents can be accessed in three ways: by reading them directly on the browser, by downloading them or by email.
  1. "Reading directly on the browser": when you place the mouse on the title of the document if the words "read file" appear, it is possible to open the file directly in the browser;
  2. "Download":if the worlds "Download file" appear, then it is possible to download the file directly. The file is compressed in "Zip" format;
  3. "Request by email": if an envelope appears when you place the mouse on the title, it is possible to request the file by email. The process is simple:
    1. just click on the "envelope"
    2. at the top of the list of documents, on the right, the phrase "Documents requested by email" appears. At first the number 0 appears and it increases every time you select a document that you wish to ask for
    3. when you have completed the selection of the documents required, just click on the phrase "Documents requested by email". This is a hyper-link and will send a message to a page of the site where the documents requested are listed. In this window you insert the "Name and Surname" of the person who is asking for the documents and the "email address" at which you want to receive the documents
    4. Finally, click on Send, to send the request.
- Everyone will have access to this service without the need of a password insofar as it is public domain of the new Web portal.

For further information:
Information may be requested from the coordinators of the Data Bank at the following address: