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30/4/2019 The New Wine of Joy: A Prophetic Encounter
The New Wine of Joy: A Prophetic Encounter


(7th March – 15th March 2019)

Men and diamond have value and when shaped and polished. Our Congregation has taken it to heat and the ineffable effort of Sr. Maria Nieves Reboso, the Councilor for Formation, Sr. Maria Fisichella and Sr. Anelfreeda Miranda, her team rapture the Provincial campus of Sacred Heart Province Bengaluru.

The team head by Sr. Reboso and accompanied by Sr. Nirmala Lazar, Provincial of St. Thomas Province, Chennai arrived at Sacred Heart Provincial house, Bengaluru by 12.30 pm, on 7th March 2019. They had an arousing welcome by the school band of Auxilium ICSE School, Bengaluru. She was taken aback by the Poornakubham Aarathi at the entrance.

In the afternoon the children of Auxilium School entertained them with their inborn talents in singing and dancing. Our guests were enthralled at their performance. On 8th March the guests turned out to be proficient, facilitators, drilling into our minds how to care, nurture and nourish our young sisters into stalwarts of the Province of tomorrow. Step by step the facilitators unfolded the book ‘Guidelines for the Formation Period of Temporary Vows,’ Ongoing Formation, Province Formation Coordinator, Transmission of the Guidelines for Temporary vows, Guidelines for the Formation of new animators, live in ongoing formation ad our Generation speaks to another. The participants were renewed viewed and resolved to live their commitment to the full. (Sr. Annie Augustine FMA, Animator of Laura Bhavan, Puthiyathura, Kerala)

“There was a marriage feast at Cana of Galilee.” It was the two days course that has began on 12th of March for all the temporary professed sisters from the batches of 2008 to 2018 in the Sacred Heart convent provincial house. The first day’s session has started at 9.15 am, in the conference hall by a small prayer introducing the Spirit of the Lord into our midst. The team continued with the listening to the experience of the Temporary professed sisters by asking two important questions which are related to the life in the formation phase and the accompaniment with its lights and shades.

The participants were divided into small groups of 2 to 3 persons to share the above mentioned answers and to express the synthesis of it either with an image, word or phrase and to write it on the given sheet with the image of amphora. The representative of each group presented what was shared in the group and placed amphora in a visible place along with the two little amphoras near the jars that were placed near the statute of Mother Mary.

The specific objectives for our journey, the reference documents and the steps of the process were mentioned. Then the first chapter in the given book (Guidelines for the Formation period of Temporary Vows) was explained with its many challenges, discernment in time of charge and transformation and globalization, anthropological revolution and formation. With this completion, the second chapter on listening to the temperorary professed, formation communities and formators was explained in detail, with its challenges that emerged from the lived experience of the young sisters and their dreams.

On 13th March, we started our sessions with Lectio Divina taking Mary as an Icon of inspiration. During the first session, Sr. Maria Nieves Reboso explained the summary of the chapters of the text. The choices to be prioritized in the next chapter were mentioned which were related to the temporary professed sisters, Community, Animators of the community and Provincial. All of us evaluated personally and shared in the groups and presented our reports in common to the general assembly. At the end of all these sessions, we thanked Sr. Maria Nieves and her team with a few words of gratitude, through a song and with a beautiful dance by the young sisters.

14th March was dedicated to meet the Novices of the INK Province. Sacred Heart Training Centre welcomed the formation team with a warm welcome. The meeting with novices began with a sharing of their own personal experiences. The last day that is 15th March was the day kept aside for the Candidates. The encounter marked with a sharing of experiences and exhortations from Sr. Maria Nieves, Councilor for Formation.

The Sacred Heart Province is grateful to the thrust given by the formation team in taking care of the younger generation.

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      sistaele 10/4/2017  
      ... just imagine a big crowd of young people from a variety of ethnic communities, all belonging to Shillong Province… such a feast to the eyes and a blessing to the heart of Mother Yvonne!
      sistaele 3/3/2017  
      ... quelle di papa Francesco, le scelte che coscientizzano! Grazie per la tua firma, Francesco e grazie al Sermig, movimento coraggioso e coinvolgente... con la bontà che disarma!
      Sr. Theresa Lee 21/2/2017  
      FANTASTIC (initiative)! Thank you!
      sistaele 28/1/2017  
      Informazione,denuncia, educazione preventiva perchè bambini, adolescenti, giovani donne non siano più schiavi e il mondo degli adulti si converta...
      Aminange ilunga 6/11/2016  
      je suis tres heureuse d`apprendre que la mere generale vindra au lycee hodari le 09/11.