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29/5/2015 AUXI FEST BOSCO 200

Auxi Fest Bosco 200, a youth fest was organized by Edumedym-  the sectors of education, media and youth ministry  for the entire schools of FMA Kolkata province in New Chumta, Siliguri from 17th – 21st May 2015 to commemorate the bicentennial of the birth of St. John Bosco. 13 centres participated in it. In all the participants were 207 students, 17 teachers and 21 sisters summing up to 247.
The inaugural ceremony commenced at 4 p.m. with a parade by the delegates from each centre marching to  the drum beats played by New Chumta school band.  The Chief Guest  K.C. Sharma, Assistant   commandant  of 29 battalion SSB Kapril   hoisted the bicentenary flag  and released 200 pink and blue gas balloons and declared AuxiFest Bosco 200 opened.
As the balloons rose gracefully into the air the participants sang with gusto the Auxilium Youth Movement (AYM) Anthem.   Following this was the welcome ceremony by the host school – invocation dance, welcome song and fusion dance. The Chief Guest, Sir K.C. Sharma ,  Assistant commandant gave an inspiring speech stimulating  the 247  participants to follow the path of righteousness and to excel in making oneself an upright national builder
An interesting ice breaking session conducted  by  Sr. Esther and her team of students and  teachers from Dum Dum. Cultural night began with the theme presentation, “messengers of love’, joy and hope in Don Bosco way’.  The cultural dances were a real fiesta for eyes  with varied hues of costumes, Choreography both folk, and semi classical numbers.
18th May commenced with a prayer service conducted by  Mazzarello School Ranchi.The resource person of the day for the session on  the theme of the Fest was Fr. Raymond Tudu the assistant parish Priest of the Salesian Parish Mirik.  Through videos, songs and PPT Presentation he instilled in the young a desire to have dreams and the courage and will power to achieve it like Don Bosco. 
Quiz on Don Bosco was conducted by the vibrant students of Dum Dum backed by Sr. Ester Rani Abraham and Sr. Rosalia Tirkey of Youth Ministry Sector.  Homage to Mary was presented by the students of St. Mary’s Geyzing very innovatively with  meaningful dialogue between Mary and the young and ended with  the Magnificat dance. The campfire was lively and memorable piloted by Rev. Fr. Raymond Tudu.  It was consist of songs , games and the enactment of Don Bosco’s encounter with ten boys like John Cagliero, Michael Magone ,Domnic Savioetc.  presented by 10 groups.  The Campfire concluded again with the ten leaders of the group coming forward with blown up balloons and bursting them when Sr. Stella declared the campfire is closed.
The third day of the Auxifest began with the prayer moment animated by Dum Dum School.  Fr. Raymond Tudu SDB in his session on the theme , “Media and the youth” took the students for a voyage into the pros and cones of the technological trends and how they have to make responsible  choices for their lives.
Sr. Rosy Veliyan from Media sector of INC Province presented a session on current issues followed by group discussion and presentation by the groups.  At 2.30 p.m. there was a Panel  discussion on the challenges faced by the young people of today.  The orators were chosen from schools of Geyzing, Jaigaon,  Bandel,   Barasat, Dum Dum and Ranchi and the speakers  delivered speeches on themes like Social network, Peer pressure, sex exploitation, Drug Addiction, Media Cohesion and Globalization of Indifference. Jyoti Shikka student from Ranchi School was avowed as the best speaker.
Students Avinandan and Arya from Barasat School were the chroniclers of the days and they presented the reports creatively with a movie and everyone enjoyed the visual chronicling.
The Taise prayer conducted by Sr. Rosalia Tirkey and the team of teachers and students from Kalyani elevated everyone’s mind to experience deeper encounter with the Divine.
The night show comprised of  unconventional orchestra and the folk dances performed by the groups were mesmerizing  and enjoyable. 
20th May was a long awaited day by all the participants as it was the day set aside for the trip to Darjeeling. 
The Best School Trophy was coveted by St. Anthony’s School Jaigaon and the runners up were Auxilium Barasat and St. Mary’s Geyzing.  Five Girls and two boys were awarded the Best camp prizes.  The day ended with vote of thanks by Sr. Stella who thanked especially the sisters of New Chumta who left no stone unturned to provide superb services for the success of the camp.  She also expressed the gratitude towards the organizers of the Auxifest, Sr.Elizabeth Makil ,Sr. Rosy Veliyan, Sr. Ester Rani Abraham and Sr. Rosalia Tirkey for their valuable contribution in planning and executing of the Auxifest and making it a memorable mega event for the youngsters.
On the 21st morning after the prayer moment conducted by the Kurseong Group  the participants gratefully appreciated the endeavours of the organisers thanking Sr. Stella and her team for the well organised youth encounter.
A touching moment of the day was the lowering of and handing over the  Auxi fest flag.

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      sistaele 10/4/2017  
      ... just imagine a big crowd of young people from a variety of ethnic communities, all belonging to Shillong Province… such a feast to the eyes and a blessing to the heart of Mother Yvonne!
      sistaele 3/3/2017  
      ... quelle di papa Francesco, le scelte che coscientizzano! Grazie per la tua firma, Francesco e grazie al Sermig, movimento coraggioso e coinvolgente... con la bontà che disarma!
      Sr. Theresa Lee 21/2/2017  
      FANTASTIC (initiative)! Thank you!
      sistaele 28/1/2017  
      Informazione,denuncia, educazione preventiva perchè bambini, adolescenti, giovani donne non siano più schiavi e il mondo degli adulti si converta...
      Aminange ilunga 6/11/2016  
      je suis tres heureuse d`apprendre que la mere generale vindra au lycee hodari le 09/11.